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  1. #2021
    thanks for that. i will remove everything and try a clean and fresh installation with your mega package.

  2. #2022
    Dean, just to say congrats for +2000?! posts. I hope you continue to find the time you need to keep improving your work as you´ve been doing until now. Every single day you have something new to show us, that´s real impressive!

    Thank you very much.

    To the rest of the guys, please do not forget to +rep him, +2000 posts and 57 rep power? It only takes 1 sec...

  3. #2023
    Hi dean, congrats 4 more then 2000 post from here!!! The last 3 days i'm trying to bring 4 Games on the internal HDD in get them running.

    (NFS-HP; COD-BOPS; Sing Star...)

    I tried several Managers and no i'm running multiMan 1.12.02 But... Today (1 hour ago) you placed the * multiMAN ver 1.12.04 MEGA Pack.

    For those of you who wish to have a simple ALL-IN-ONE package, which is easy to distribute and install on a clean system.

    Any tips what to do?
    ? -Reset the PS3 to old FW and upgrade to 3.41
    ? -Installing your Mega Pack
    ? -Copy the Original BD Game new or can i try the Files in /GAMES/ Folder
    like ../GAMES/BLES01033/


  4. #2024
    Hi, i think this is the best manager out so far.

    There's one thing that i believe its missing, the ability to set options individualy for each game (for example auto enable patch mode on games that need it). Like the obm. Maybe it already inside and i couldn't find how to use it?

    Anyway thanks for the efforts in making this the best manager.

  5. #2025
    was thinking about that as well. a remain/memory patched mode function for games, which needs it.

    btw after installing your mega package and remove the old one, everything is working fine with the usb patched mode. i don't have the error anymore, though i haven't installed PL3 fix.

    with the view covers , which always tries to download isn't a big deal. it takes 1 ms. i just hear a sound and see for a short while "downloading covers" and it's okay.

    thank you for your manager. love it !

  6. #2026
    just install the megapack over the old one, no need to reset anything. and yes you can use your old games.

  7. #2027
    Hi! Wanted to ask something, can i run backups from pchost in pcserv mode?

  8. #2028
    no you can't, but you can transfer them to the internal for example.

  9. #2029
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    Mar 2010
    also here for Codename: Rebug

  10. #2030
    i have a few of those i'm going to share them tomorrow if i don't forget of course

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