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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    adr990 Guest
    Splitting games works like this right: Put the splitted game on USB HDD, Then copy it Internal HDD and play it.

    Copy back to USB HDD again when Internal HDD space is needed. (Awesome File Manager will be the best for this, eh?)

    Just a question about the FTP. Which one do recoming ? Blackbox's or the MultiMan inbuild's?


    2000th reply in this topic! nice..

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    kakotetilla Guest

    Problem with PATCH Mode

    I was using Open Manager in patch mode to play EYE Pet usa... I install Multiman and I cant find a way to patch the manager to play EYE PET... please help... it there a way to put Multiman in patch mode like OM to play this game... Thanks

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    deank Guest
    Patch mode is activated with [R1].

    Version 01.12.04:

    * Fixed and optimized initial content scan (much much faster than before)
    * Fixed font size change (shrink/enlarge) when overscan mode is on during title names dim (fade in/out)
    * Fixed original theme (to restore ICON0.PNG)
    * Fixed SOUND.BIN (background sound will stop if theme does not support sound and next time you launch multiMAN there will be no sound, too)
    * Added Other/Group/User access attributes display in filemanager for files and folders (linux style dxwr)
    * Added [START ]+[ ] to stop music playback (for mp3 and background theme audio)
    * Added [SELECT]+[X] to force [Direct Launch Prompt] when disabled
    * When theme which supports sound (SOUND.BIN) is applied during MP3 playback, playback will not be interrupted
    * After device connect/disconnect/patch mode change currently selected game will not change (when/if possible)
    * New options in the ini file:
    date_format  (DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD)
    progress_bar (0 = don't show progress bar during game backup/folder copy, 1 = show progress bar)
    update_dir   (path to store downloaded multiMAN update .pkg - to be used ONLY BY advanced users)

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    asiandragonps3 Guest
    thanks very much i download now and try it,have good day

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    deank Guest
    First post updated with links to BASE and FULL packages for version 01.12.04 + 888 game covers package.


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    FMAranda Guest
    Perfect Dean, thanks for your hard work.

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    karlosA Guest
    Again, Thanks a lot dean!!

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    sgnmg4ever Guest
    Thanks for update here's another cover to update. thanks

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    thavision Guest
    is this also working on a custom firmare 3.55?

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    validator Guest
    can someone give me short tutorial how to run ps3serv ? trying to find here on forum but there is too much pages to search !

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