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    Apr 2005


    I moved the video repy here, resume discussion on the video there as well: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ot-116734.html

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    mateuszss Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Yes, it will pass the info about patched mode, icons, sounds, etc. It will NOT LAUNCH the game directly (unless you selected the option to directly boot the game from multiMAN), but it will mount it to the proper paths and then you can start it from the blu-disc icon or from /app_home.
    It does work fine with gaia manager without selecting patch.

    And looking at other posts. It doesn't go yet about signing apps to run backups on CFW. First they need to enable syscalls on them, then they would be able to load and boot backuped game from hdd.

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    sgnmg4ever Guest
    Dean here's 4 more missing covers thanks.

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    deank Guest

    Uploading them right away! All of them have only FOUR DIGIT IDS which is not correct... FRITZ especially. Can you verify what are the correct numbers?


    edit: I found the correct IDs and uploaded the images.

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    sgnmg4ever Guest
    Opps, sorry about that dont know what i was thinking lol.

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    condorstrike Guest
    wow, 200 pages in already, that shows you how great and popular multiMan is.. all thanks to you Dean

    now if only we could bypass XMB...

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    vartaxe Guest
    sorry but i'm new to this stuff got a ps3 last week so and when i opened this thread and saw there was 200 pages well... i just couldn't read everyting so i was straight to the point.

    anyway sorry for that doing it cause i know how it feel when people don't even bother to read what we write.


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    slicer2k Guest
    I have this lock when copying games at 98% too, and my GT5 doesn't show up in the games list in multiman, only.

    Keep up your great work man!

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    deank Guest
    :-) My reaction was only because there was the SAME question just two posts before yours

    Quote Originally Posted by slicer2k View Post
    I have this lock when copying games at 98% too, and my GT5 doesn't show up in the games list in multiman, only.
    I got that... There will be an update shortly after my post (01.12.03). There are new options in the "options.ini" file and you'll be able to disable the "progress bar" and it won't lock anymore.

    What's in 01.12.03:
    • Added Other/Group/User access attributes display in filemanager for files and folders (linux style dxwr)
    • Fixed and optimized initial content scan (much much faster than before)
    • Fixed font size change (shrink/enlarge) when overscan mode is on during title names dim (fade in/out)
    • Fixed original theme (to restore ICON0.PNG)
    • Fixed SOUND.BIN (background sound will stop if theme does not support sound and next time you launch multiMAN there will be no sound, too)
    • Added [START]+[ ] to stop music playback (for mp3 and background theme audio)
    • When theme which supports sound (SOUND.BIN) is applied during MP3 playback, playback will not be interrupted
    • New options in the ini file:

    progress_bar=1 (0 = don't show progress bar during game backup/folder copy, 1 = show progress bar)
    update_dir (path to store downloaded multiMAN update .pkg - to be used ONLY BY advanced users)


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    condorstrike Guest
    wow, you've started the new year strong...

    can't wait to check it out, faster is always better.

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