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    Registered User asp28's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by fantasypower999 View Post
    which extension does multiman recognize as the need to rejoin files? is it filename.#.part or filename.666##?

    i tried to copy gran turismo 5 to the internal hdd with file.#.part format but it just literally copied the same files there. it didnt rejoin into one big file. i'm using 1.12 if that helps.

    to be clear on my previous post, i split the file gt.vol which is 11gb into smaller parts like this:

    when the game was done copying, i checked to see if it did copy correctly in the file manager. it turned out gt.vol did not rejoin to one big file. please help me.
    I can't merge files when I copy them from external to internal HDD. I split files with your utility (I use file.x.part or file.666xx) and when I copy them from external HDD to internal multiman make just a copy of them (no merge). Can you help me?

    I use phat EU 60GB + hermes v4b + 3.50 spoof + mutliMAN 1.12.00 full install

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    kakaroto CFW 3.55

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    Dear Deanrr,

    Any plans to kakaroto´s CFW 3.55 support? Do you know about that?
    Last edited by cowboype; 01-05-2011 at 10:50 AM

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    First post updated with new version of ps3serv (nethost application):

    * Max send buffer size now 10MB (512kb previously)
    * Fixed missing empty folders when browsing remote contents
    * Added support for next multiMAN version, which got support for:
    - Create remote folders
    - Delete remote files


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    Quote Originally Posted by ffarea View Post
    Hello Deanrr ! Can you test to sign your manager, to load in 3.55 CFW kakaroto ? If it's possible with that to load backup, it's would be wonderful

    Thx !
    I often wonder around and forget to look up sometimes, but come-on, 2 fricken posts above yours is the same exact same question.

    It's like Helen Keller got her first computer!

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    Guys, I know you are all excited with the news floating around, but please be patient. I can't sign multiMAN because there is no working tool to allow me to.

    I'm preparing the next update, which has more options for nethost + improved 'scanning' speed upon launch + some other things.


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    Gotcha, I'm sure you would be on it already if the tools were available.

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    deanrr is it possible to redirect syscalls in order to mount DVDs to directories such as the games in order to obtain working DVD menu?

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    hey dean, what do you think about my suggestion on page 193? would it be possible and do you maybe consider implementing it in a future release? thx

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    I'll see how to implement it. I was thinking about it because some folks requested it.

    First post updated with links to latest version (01.12.01) - BASE and FULL (MEGA) packages for all firmwares + ps3serv GUI/EXE.

    * Added CREATE FOLDER for network PC (nethost)
    * Improved nethost support (fixed missing empty folders)
    * Larger send buffer for ps3serv (up to 10MB)
    * Improved GAME/AVCHD/BDMV scan times
    * New version of ps3serv.exe required (separate download)


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    Dean, whatever happened to the option to change themes from inside multiMan?

    did it work, or is it not plausible?


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