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    xsaracup Guest


    thanks! i will try it out tonight...

  2. #1922
    deank Guest
    Funny how many users JUST found out there are other 'manager' applications when forums got flooded with 'press R1 in multiMAN to run GT5 or whatever' posts

  3. #1923
    condorstrike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Funny how many users JUST found out there are other 'manager' applications when forums got flooded with 'press R1 in multiMAN to run GT5 or whatever' posts
    ain't that the truth...

  4. #1924
    randomusername Guest
    Your manager has certainly been getting a LOT of mentions

  5. #1925
    barrybarryk Guest
    well it is straight up the best backup manager.

  6. #1926
    lunchyboxy Guest
    Any word on when there will be an "Offically Signed" version to run on 3.55 with a modified version (enable backups) of KaKaRoTo's CFW?

  7. #1927
    Apachai Guest
    awesome how the manager evolved from the first version, gj dean. if i may suggest something, is it maybe possible to add an option to "tag" certain games with for example a little label on the left side of the game indicating it needs to be run in patched mode or needs a game inserted..

    people would be able to tag their games for easier use, especially with >10 games and security (eg assassins creed brotherhood needs a br inserted or it can corrupt your filesystem afaik). rogero has a similar function for his manager (BR-required: on/off). but i can imagine a much nicer implementation. for example (game list could look like this):

    R1 | Gran Turismo 5
    this tag would remind people that patched mode needs to be activated for this game

    BR | Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
    this one that it needs a disk inserted.

    obv they could be combined: BR | R1 xxxxx. and for a nicer look BR/R1 could be replaced by a small cd/r1-button icon.
    i really hope you'll consider adding such a feature and thus making it perfect (for me at least). my lil brother would be very thankful as well its hard to remember such things for a kid and im not always here to help him, so simplyfying it with this method would be a great addition.

    looking forward to updates, thx for everything

  8. #1928
    OGroteKoning Guest
    AT Apachai

    I think it has been suggested before. I love Dean's manager because of the functionality, but would also have loved to see similar features as suggested. I know there is a BM that remembers what you selected (patched mode, reminder to put disc in, etc). But with the various interfaces built into his manager, I think it might be tricky to implement it into all the interfaces.

    But obviously, it would make multiMAN almost idiot-proof for those who might forget to insert a disc for e.g. AC Brotherhood (which, as reported elsewhere, might result in a bricked console). This remains Dean's decision though!

  9. #1929
    ffarea Guest
    Hello Deanrr ! Can you test to sign your manager, to load in 3.55 CFW kakaroto ? If it's possible with that to load backup, it's would be wonderful

    Thx !

  10. #1930
    Apachai Guest
    OGroteKoning yes that other one is rogero's manager. and dunno if its really that difficult, it basically only needs to be done for the game interface, and if placed as i suggested the position will always be fixed and perfectly on the left of the game title in all the other game-modes. if that isnt possible, then the way rogero did it should definitely work for multiman as well (tho it wont look as nice as having cool icons next to the game-name^^).

    in the end it is, like you said, dean's decision. but if it isnt too difficult to implement (don't really know much about such coding), then i see no reason why it shouldnt be added.

    ye idiot-proof or maybe child-proof (as i know many users let their kids/family play as well). and it would help a lot with having many games backed up as you dont have to remember every single setting

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