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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    I was playing with Assassin's Creed I, trying to decrypt, change stuff, patch and use it... I wrote a small tool to take care of all the segments/metadata copy/overwrite but still I can't make AC1 work. I starts and then quits to XMB with no errors (using the original EBOOT.BIN makes it hang on black screen).
    Same problem here... I could never get the game to work - I think it is one of problematic games Dean. Good luck if you still want to persue this quest!

    One a side note - Have you considered signing multiMAN? you would be the first!

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    randomusername Guest
    What would him signing it achieve ? "They" still need to work out how to do all the syscall stuff first.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    For starters he would be the first to have a signed BM to be installed on a PS3 with Fw > 3.41 without having to use a JB dongle!

    His manager is so advanced - can you just imagine the ease of use with his file manager and all the other features.

    I might be mistaken, but I think Dean can include the syscalls in his manager - he might be doing it already! (Dean to confirm)

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    randomusername Guest
    And how would you actually install the app ? There's no way of actually doing that as yet, without JB'ing, until someone comes up with a custom PUP or something that gives us the "Install Package Files" option on the most recent FW version.

    The syscalls, I think, are in some way reliant on the way the JB works. It's something to do with the kernel which would need to be modified in some way to ensure the mounting is correct - and to my knowledge none of this has been done.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I'm sure the PUP's are being worked on as we speak - so I reckon we will haqve that pretty soon.

    I thought the JB hexes had the basic syscalls built in and that the managers utilised those (or not) or even perhaps added some syscalls. I am not to clear on that either.

    But, nonetheless, I am looking hopefully forward and thus my question/suggestion to Dean.

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    deank Guest
    We'll get there. The good thing with the signed applications is that you can:

    1) Downgrade to 3.41
    2) Jailbreak
    3) Install the signed app
    4) Upgrade to 3.55
    5) You can still use the signed app (like multiMAN with filemanager/hex viewer/and even start games which don't require syscalls).

    A perfect solution would be a CFW with syscalls 6/7 for peek/poke. Nothing else is needed.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Do you reckon that is what the order will be? (downgrade, JB, install, upgrade)

    I was rather hoping that if some users were already on 3.55, that the order would be:

    1) Install CFW
    2) Do whatever your heart desires on the PS3

    I see Kakaratoks is working on a CFW. It remains to be said how it will be installed? I am seriously hoping that for those on 3.55, it will be just as we would normally install OFW.

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    noddy4life Guest


    hi deanrr, when i got to the first page and click net host how to use it just goes to the first page. also could you please tell me how to past a file in file manager? i know how to copy but i can not work out past cheers in advance and may i say you have the best manager of all time.

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    deank Guest
    Here is what you're looking for:



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    traficante Guest
    The creator of this awesome program deserve their own statue


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