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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    relevaa Guest
    Amazing stuff. Well done Dean

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    smaurice2001 Guest
    I like your loader so much, I can't live with out the file manager. I fix all the problem a have with my PS3 using your tools. I will use only this loader from now on.

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    oberworld Guest
    Hi, there is any problem having patched mode on all the time for all games?

    Startup options:
    # ===============
    # patched=1

    Sorry for my poor english.


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    deank Guest
    I'd strongly advice to leave the option to -1 and use the patched mode ONLY when a game requires it.

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    oberworld Guest
    Thank you for yor quickly response dean.

    Another question: There is a way to make the message "USB patch" a little more visible in screen?

    Thank you for the best manager can we have in PS3. Great job.

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    noddy4life Guest
    Hi, first of all i love your program and i hate to ask these 2 stupid questions but it's annoying the crap out of me.

    1. can i just put the options.ini in the devhdd0 gamez i've never bothered to do it

    2. how do i use net host i started from my comp but from there i can't figure it out, sorry for the stupid question

    sorry for get about the first question

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    majokaese Guest

    does multiMAN automatically patch PARAM.SFO files for games that require a firmware >3.41? If not, could you please add it?

    Is USB-Patch the same as GaiaManager's MemPatch? What's the difference?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    The games get automaticly patched. The only option he could add is that the 3.50 games get patched on the fly so that they run. This can be achieved with a server were the good code is on.

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    deank Guest
    I was playing with Assassin's Creed I, trying to decrypt, change stuff, patch and use it... I wrote a small tool to take care of all the segments/metadata copy/overwrite but still I can't make AC1 work. I starts and then quits to XMB with no errors (using the original EBOOT.BIN makes it hang on black screen).

    * Yes, multiMAN patches the PARAM.SFO if required (it will prompt you).
    * Yes, the memory patch is the same as in Gaia (I guess)
    * To use nethost you have to alter your options.ini file. Check the first page or search for the instructions in this thread.


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    FMAranda Guest
    multiMAN is the best!

    It patched my GT5 PARAM.SFO, i didn't use the memory patch and it worked on my first try.

    Dean is the king of the (PS3) game managers, lol

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