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    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bearmon2010 View Post
    It should be 1920x1080, right ? If so, then where should I put icono.png ? Thank you.
    No, it's 320x176 and you have to put it on /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/

  2. #1892
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Oh, I see. Alright, thank you.

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by randomusername View Post
    Dean, any idea what the future is going to be now that "we" can sign everything and will probably not need the dongles any more now that the Root key has been made public ?

    I mean in terms of your app. Just wondering what issues there may be now....
    If dongles are no longer needed then we'll need a simple library to emulate the syscalls redirections. For all of this 'game backup/launch' to work we'll need a new (patched) lv2 kernel with support of at least peek and poke functions.

    Quote Originally Posted by bearmon2010 View Post
    Good job. One question:

    It should be 1920x1080, right ? If so, then where should I put icono.png ? Thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    No, it's 320x176 and you have to put it on /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/
    Theme packages contain ICON0.PNG (which is stored in ...BLES80608/USRDIR) because during theme install it doesn't overwrite the actual ICON0.PNG. Now multiMAN will find this ICON and will replace the application icon and the next time you launch multiMAN the icon will be changed with the theme icon.

  4. #1894
    condorstrike Guest
    Hi Dean, I got something to share.

    This happened to me; if a game craps out and you get corrupted data because of it...while in JB mode it won't let you delete that data, and as long as Last_Game and the corrupted data is on the Ps3 the system will not turn-on in JB mode.

    it'll freeze every time... , the trick is to go into regular retail mode, delete the corrupted data and Last_Game and then reinstall it Last_Game.

    is not Last_Game's fault, it's the game & the system... just letting you know in case people start asking if it happens to them.

  5. #1895
    Galldrian Guest
    What's the main use for the ps3serv? It does not allow you to launch PS3 games from a remote fileshare does it?

  6. #1896
    randomusername Guest
    No, it allows you to copy files from your PC to PS3 and vice versa (I think) but not using FTP.

  7. #1897
    t2d2422 Guest
    been using this for a while now and 2day i went to ply gt5 with multi man and i hit patch mode then all my games went missing all but 8, so i hit patch mode again exited and now all games show up corrupted. is there anything i can do to fix?

  8. #1898
    Alkis30 Guest
    I have the latest update but when I press Patch mode ON GT5 (and some other games) disappear from the game list ! The only way to play GT5 with the new eboot.bin is with patch mode on but something is going wrong with it...

  9. #1899
    deank Guest
    Because you (like many others) switched between different payloads (hermes 1/2/3/4, PL3, bla bla).

    Download the attached PKG, install and run it and you'll be okay.

  10. #1900
    atlask2 Guest
    will it work with a online update or i have to install it via install pkg ?

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