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    Registered User thaq93's Avatar
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    well it didn't work for me. ps2 disc shows up in jb mode, i put in devil may cry 4, mount Ico, take out dmc 4, replace it with kingdom hearts but then kingdom hearts is loaded instead of Ico. is this supposed to happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by distortedhero View Post
    Edit: I got the mount alejandro edited and reading the ps2 disks. But I can't seem to figure out where to go from there.
    Quote Originally Posted by thaq93 View Post
    well it didn't work for me. ps2 disc shows up in jb mode, i put in devil may cry 4, mount Ico, take out dmc 4, replace it with kingdom hearts but then kingdom hearts is loaded instead of Ico. is this supposed to happen?
    It was supposed to work, but it doesn't. We're all just testing.

    Quote Originally Posted by guyver2077 View Post
    I've tried editing the options.ini so multiman can look in my bdrips directory on hd and it never works.
    Did you change the line hdd_home=/dev_hdd0/BDRIPS?

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    Hi Dean,

    I would like to ask something if is possible to add it in next release of your fantastic manager.

    About the game with 4gb file (i know the utility with split file in .666 format, but isn't bootable).
    So my questu=ion is if is possible to add the .psarc utility?


    PS which utility can i use to re-join the .666 files to original format?


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    There is a bug in [lastgame] related to PL3 (which I just discovered) and also there is a bug in multiMAN when parsing data about 'USB patch mode' to the [lastgame] app.

    I'll release update for both applications later today. Also a proper 'clean' exit with properly destroying all memory containers when multiMAN exits, proper mount reset for PL3 (using NULL to clear the map), fixed display for 'USB patch mode', fixed 'USB patch mode' setting when multiMAN starts already in patch mode. Since some users experience 'copy progress bar' lock at 99% I added a line to close the progress dialogue before such lock occurs (never happened to me).


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    hi dean, i have a big probmlem with you lastplay feature.. i think... everytime i try to start my ps3 its freezing... since yesterday... (1.11.05 update) even in jb mode or without jb mode... (using pl3+Hermes payload, with psn spoof thing... it has worked a time long... but not yet)

    I din't know what i should do... I am loading my games from external usb drives

    and btw: i haven't try to change something in the flash... nothing... Please help me...

    Thank you... for this, and the really useful program.

    FYI: i have updated my golden avr board to pl3 3.50 psn spoof.. and again the same problem with this freezing thing ...


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    Did you read my previous post?

    I just tested the new version with regular PL3 DEV with 3.50 spoof and lastplay works fine. I'll release it later.

    If your PS3 is freezing on startup it has nothing to do with lastgame app.
    Last edited by deank; 12-25-2010 at 10:43 AM

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    I found the OpenSplit 1.2 app to re-join the .666 files

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    Hey Dean,

    Which Payload is the best to use for your recent version? Or isn't it that much of a problem.

    I have a PS3Key with 4.5 3.55 Spoof. And a Teensy 1.0 (Golden AVR board) with Hermes v4 3.50 spoof. Do I need to update? heh

    Thanks for your loader Dean, it's the best that man can get. (haha)
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    maybe need make virtual drive for ps3 look like alcoholler120% ? to emulate psx and ps2 ord decript ps2emu.self ?!

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    The first post is updated with links to MultiMAN 01.11.06 for PS3.

    Downloads include LAST_GAME application with the latest fixes. I'm attaching it as a separate download, too.

    First post updated with links to 01.11.06 mega/full packages. These payloads should be okay.

    01.11.06 -
    • Added startup check for backup folder access
    • Fixed support for [last game] application
    • Fixed [last game] application (separate download)


    MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod v01.11.06 Arrives with LAST_GAME App

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Files Attached Files
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