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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    A small bug deanrr. I loaded inFamous. Played a bit and quit the game. Then switched off and restarted PS3 in JB mode. inFamous showed as the lastgame played. Then loaded multiMAN and selected Batman Arkham Asylum. Upon exiting multiMAN, going to the lastgame played option in the XMB, the background changes to Batman and the icon too, but the description next to it still says it is inFamous.

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    deank Guest
    Done Thanks for the cover.

    It is not a bug in multiMAN or [lastgame] application. PS3 doesn't refresh its cache. If you start the game from the [last game] and exit it - it will show the proper name.

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    severusx Guest
    Dean, I have access to BC ps3 and am willing to test for you as well. I have a question though, will MultiMan make backups of PS2 discs or do I need to get them from somewhere else? I have a ton of PS2 games to test with, but I don't really have a good way to make backups.

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    deank Guest
    multiMAN can't copy anything off an optical disc (excl. PS3 games). You'll have to find a way to backup the PS2 game to your USB HDD or internal HDD. You'll need it in a decrypted format just like the PS3 games. (Actually I'm not sure if PS2 files are encrypted on the dvd - I just looked at my WRC PS2 game and it looks normal - so you can use your PC to copy it to a folder).

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    severusx Guest
    Oh cool. I have WRC as well. I will make some backups this afternoon and test. Does replacing that XML file affect the use of BC in normal mode at all?

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    deank Guest
    No, it is used only in JB mode. It is better to have it that way (with the one I posted) because it will allow you to play PS2 games (originals) in JB mode, too. Otherwise you can't launch PS2 games in JB mode.

    Just don't get you hopes high with this PS2 thing... It may not work at all

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah I know, it would be nice to have backups of all my PS2 games though. Is there a good tutorial for using Alejandro?

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    deank Guest
    Nothing special about alejandro...

    1) Start the app, select the option to mount the flash (press the [O] button).
    2) Start multiMAN and go to File Manager mode
    3) Browse to /dev_alejandro .../vsh/resource/exprore/xmb
    4) Create a backup of category_game_tool2.xml to your internal hdd or usb stick just in case
    5) Copy the modified .xml I posted on the previous page to replace the one in ./xmb

    That's it... After you exit multiMAN (or reboot PS3 in JB mode) you'll see the options to create PS2 memory cards and will see original PS2 disc if inserted - that's how you'll know everything worked and changes are applied.


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    Apr 2005
    OK I removed the junk posts and CJPC has now fixed the "Manage Attachments" issue so you should be all set now deanrr.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Doesn't work for me, I see the disc loaded successfully message but after loading the Playstation 2 Format disc icon on the xmb it loads the original in the drive instead of the backup, after exiting also no longer jb'd either.

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