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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    boob4me Guest

    Big Grin loading ps2 backups with multiman!

    for sure!!... if you're willing to give a guy a detailed step by step tut with proper apps and files I will most defenetly try my best to help out the scene!

    thanks deanrr !! your the best!

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mefistofel View Post
    I dont want to be annoying, really dont, but Dean can you help me? I have no ideas what i need to do.
    You can't play PSN games using a simple copy to folder thing... It won't appear on the XMB game column and you won't see it in multiMAN either.

    If you can't write to /dev_hdd0/game folder it means that there is a problem with your payload or you used different payload which altered the folder permissions.

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    boob4me Guest
    Hey deanrr, I just downloaded a few covers while in multiman,weird thing, some of the covers OVERLAP each other?? eg. call of jures has call of duty on top of it but as smaller cover? any idea on whats going on?

    I exited then re-entered multiman but still same problem persists.

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    condorstrike Guest
    that happened to me once, but went away after changing modes. Dean have you fixed the problem with disc not showing it's name?

    I think due to Last-Play... I'm not home now, but I think you were going to revise 1.11.04.

    btw, the colored fonts .INI is great, thanks...

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    deank Guest
    Today multiMAN version 01.11.05 is available along with a MEGA pack (FULL) for multiMAN 01.11.05, and for those of you who wish to experiment with PS2 backups on backward-compatible PS3 console:

    1) Proper category_game_tool2.xml required to enable PS2 disc icon in XMB/GAME column in jailbreak mode
    2) Original PS2 game required
    3) Original PS3 game required
    4) PS2 backup extracted in one of the folders where multiMAN looks for games (usually with your PS3 backups)

    1) Reboot your PS3 in JB mode
    2) Put original PS3 disc
    3) Launch multiMAN and mount your PS2 game backup
    4) Replace the PS3 disc with original PS2 disc
    5) PS2 disc icon should appear in GAMES column. Try to launch it.


    [imglink=|MultiMAN 01.11.05 Arrives with Experimental PS2 Backup Support][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    lefterisk Guest
    Hi Dean,

    I would like to ask what exacly does the USB patch. When is recomended to use it, in which game?


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    deank Guest
    If your game works YOU DON'T need it. The only game I have which requires it is F1 2010. Otherwise it won't recognize your controllers and cannot do autosave/save_game.

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    lefterisk Guest
    It's a patch to play game with external disc or something else?

    Example: Does The F1 play with external disc + patch

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    deank Guest
    The F1 2010 works from INTERNAL HDD only with PATCH MODE ENABLED.

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    lefterisk Guest
    Please upload one missing cover

    Tron: Evolution

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