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    i'm a new guy here... just tried this out... looks great, but when i try to copy BD and select to copy to external it just goes back to multiman. any ideas, am i doing something wrong ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    I can't edit my posts.
    I let CJPC know, he will sort it shortly for ya he said. I also added the revisions from today to your last post for now.

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    And it is fixed, problem was a newline issue, and how it was handled for userid's for extra permissions - but all fixed now!

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    I have only used game launching and ftp access, but I am most impressed with your efforts, Dean. Thank you for such a great program! It will be interesting to see what features you can incorporate over time. Is it possible to have the options editable from within the program (on screen keyboard)?

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    Oct 2010
    Here is something about PS2 backups...

    I managed to mount a PS2 backup from my external USB HDD to /dev_ps2disc. It appears in blackbox FTP, comgenie fm and multiMAN...

    As my PS3 is not BC I cannot test it, but at least it is a progress.

    When I start copying from /dev_ps2disc (via FM or FTP) I can see that it reads from the USB HDD


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    Hello guys. I have a trouble, when i try transfer game folder to dev_hdd0/game, transfering ending immediately after start. Its just show me error message on a few second. I cant copy, move, send it on FTP and etc its always failed. But at the same time, i can move it in GAMEZ folder. It is PSN game, not PKG, so its should be in GAME, not GAMEZ. PS hex - hermes 4b (3.50 spoof), game - Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater (NPJB00047) from japanese PSN. Thanks in advance.

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    please make it can play mkv file.

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    I have a bc ps3 and willing to test for ya,but where do I put the ps2 game,also what format do the games need to be in .iso,.bin,.que?? thanks for the help in advance!! great work as usual!!

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    Make sure you are able to see original PS2 game discs in jailbreak mode.

    If you don't see PS2 discs you'll have to

    1) Use /dev_flash RW enabled (like mount_alejandro or freeflash) and replace category_tool2.xml)
    2) Use emulated /dev_flash with JaiCrab's FW loader.

    I suggest that you do the former (1) because it is much better. Couple of months ago I posted the proper category_tool2.xml in mutlMAN's PS2 backup test thread.

    The changes to the XML make your PS3 to see PS2 discs in JB mode and allows you to create PS2 memory cards.

    If you're done with this you'll need a PS2 game backup in a FOLDER (like the PS3 backups). So no .iso files or other images but a simple folder copy (if you have to - extract the .iso).

    Then put such backup with your PS3 games and multiMAN will find it and will show it as PS2 game.

    Then you can mount it using the version I'll post later.

    Let me know if you're up to it.


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    I dont want to be annoying, really dont, but Dean can you help me? I have no ideas what i need to do.

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