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    deank Guest
    No, I can't manipulate XMB options, severusx.

    Ok, it is ready... The good thing is that if other MANAGER developers decide - they can make 'lastplay' to work with them, too (like gaia, rogero, etc)...

    The app requires a simple text file saved as


    with two lines (at the moment), but I may add other params like (patched mode):

    SELF=<full path to EBOOT.BIN>
    PATH=<path to mount /dev_bdvd>

    for example:


    The app on the xmb will show all game props like game icons, background, movie icon.


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    severusx Guest
    Darn, it was worth a shot. So how will this work? I can load a retail disc into the drive, select the Last Game app and them the backup will just launch? Or will it need to "reboot" the XMB to change the mount point?

  3. #1743
    deank Guest
    It takes care of the mount points, depending on your payload....

    Just went to the store for some cigarettes and will post the app in few mins...

    For it to work you'll need a new version of multiMAN but I'll post a test one if you're so desperate.


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    sanbat Guest
    condorstrike thank you my friend..

  5. #1745
    condorstrike Guest
    that is a sweet option Dean, even though multiMan awesome... last game play is an cool option... thanks.

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    Atlantis Guest
    Great work deanrr, I really like the idea of the last game loader.

    I'm really starting to love your tool. I'm curious about something, is it possible to edit options.ini or options_default.ini from MultiMan itself? I've seen you added HEX view, also a text view would be great for this purpose. Or if it's too hard, I think it'd be easier adding a simple menu when you press L2, and change the options by those you want (like the path of the backups and others).

    Greetings and really thanks deanrr for your work

    BTW I've noticed in your FileManager that you've managed to fix something annoying that used to happen to me using Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager. No I don't have any problem copying files from the ps3 hdd to my usb, they don't show up as System Files anymore, really great!

  7. #1747
    deank Guest
    In-manager options-editor requires some work and I'm not really in the mood, but may be I'll do it after so many requests.

    Yes, multiMAN sets proper attributes to all files it copies, that's why you see them on your PC (not hidden as comgenie's fm).

    Ok... here is the test version of multiMAN + LAST_GAME application. Install both and test it.

    There is a problem (of course) because PS3 won't update its internal cache when a PARAM.SFO is changed, which causes troubles.

    How it works:

    1) You start a game from multiMAN
    2) File is created for LAST_GAME application
    3) Depending on "Launch directly without going to XMB?" question result the LAST_GAME will be set accordingly.

    4) The next time you reboot your PS3 you can launch the last game played from an icon on the XMB. If the game was set for "direct boot" (in step 3) it will start directly, otherwise it will mount to /dev_bdvd and /app_home and the app will exit. Then you must start your game from /app_home or from a disc.

    5) The 'last game' app will get the original param.sfo (+some changes) and original game background pictures (pic0/pic1/icon0/icon0.pam) + the animated icon.

    6) If you launch the 'last played game' application and the path to the game is not available (for example when you used a game from USB drive and it is not connected), the app will exit and restore its icons and param.sfo.


    p.s. Parsing between multiMAN and 'last-game' app is done via simple text file:

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]


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    ChokeD Guest
    Nice little addition to the MultiMan family of apps Dean. I of course put in my vote for the .ini editor built in to MultiMan.

    P.S. I'm sharing some icons/BG I converted over in the other thread.

  9. #1749
    kalhua Guest
    I have just started experiencing a problem with Games on my internal HD. Multimanager doesn't pickup the files (yes the path in the settings file is correct). I don't know what caused it but am hoping someone out there can help me out. Thanks in advance!

  10. #1750
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    multiMAN is also now moved/redirected to our main PS3 Hacks section, and I linked the "multiMAN - loading of PS2 backups (test)" in the first post for now but you can remove it if it's dated, etc.

    Let me know if you have any issues in editing/updating your posts here deanrr... hopefully you should be all set now!

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