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  1. #1731
    condorstrike Guest
    you can copy and paste your sound.bin, that's all you need to do... and be sure it's an .mp3

    other formats like wma don't work, convert to mp3 if needed.

  2. #1732
    vinothu Guest
    Really excellent progress my friend. +rep for you. Can you please consider including move motion controller support within multiman interface. Since more and more move games are hitting the market, I believe this will be an good to have feature.

  3. #1733
    sanbat Guest
    ok but to copy-paste where exactly on ps3 ?? and can i copy the mp3 file or must i make it sound.bin if i must to make sound .bin how can i make it ?? sorry i know i asked to many questions but i really want to know it couse i love the program just want t ochange the music on backround thats all.

    thanks and regards

  4. #1734
    condorstrike Guest
    no problem. just change the extension from, .mp3 to .bin, and copy it to ev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/

    overwrite it and that's it...

  5. #1735
    costocart Guest
    Just a suggestion here... maybe there should be an exclusive thread for multiman's themes. All discussion and submission should go there. This thread here is getting really long (1700+ post). This one can be kept for technical discussion and other things.

    ps: thanks deanrr for the great bm and condor for the great themes

  6. #1736
    deank Guest
    Okay.. I'll create a sub forum for the themes... check in couple of mins..

    In the 1st post I'll include links to the existing themes.

    You can post your themes, questions and comments in the new thread --> http://www.ps4news.com/forums/deanrr...ns-116252.html

    Guys, what do you think of a small application like the BD-ROM one which I posted few days ago...

    It will appear on your XMB/GAME column but will allow you to start the LAST game you launched with multiMAN.

    1) Start your PS3
    2) Launch multiMAN and play a game
    3) Turn off the PS3
    4) Later turn on the PS3
    5) Launch the game you played directly from the XMB without opening multiMAN again


  7. #1737
    OGroteKoning Guest
    Great idea, but does it need to be a seperate app? Can't this be incorporated in multiMAN?

  8. #1738
    deank Guest
    What's the point? The idea is not to waste time in loading multiMAN but start the game from the XMB.

    multiMAN will set everything for this new app and it will appear on the xmb as the last game loaded. I'll post a screenshot later.

  9. #1739
    randomusername Guest
    I think that would be a really good feature. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference now that you've speeded everything up but would still be a nice thing to be able to do, especially if you're just playing one game all the time, but are stop-starting a lot....it would be handy.

  10. #1740
    severusx Guest
    That would be neat, Dean. Would it be possible to add it as an option from the MultiMan options sub-menu in the XMB (when you select MultiMan and hit Triangle)?

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