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  1. #1721
    Richthofen Guest
    Thanks for the quick help. I will make sure to post in the right forum next time.

  2. #1722
    ffarea Guest
    Hello ! anyone have some themes for multiman ? Where can i find some themes plz ?

    thx !

  3. #1723
    deank Guest
    Here is a MEGA pack (FULL) for multiMAN 01.11.03 (stable) (27MB) (FW 3.40-3.55) | (FW 1.90 - 3.30)[/URL].

    The package includes:
    • multiMAN 01.11.03
    • multiMAN graphic interface (icons/graphics - default/original theme)
    • multiMAN covers pack (852 game covers in JPG format)
    • multiMAN background music (6 minute music loop background while multiMAN is operating)
    • Full change-log and navigation (pad/keyboard/mouse) information (txt)
    • Default options (options_default.ini)

    I strongly suggest that users update to 01.11.03 and use this package.


    edit: Mega package for 01.11.02-03 removed.

  4. #1724
    letsjustplay Guest


    I'm trying this out. thanks.

  5. #1725
    deen Guest
    testing this one , looking forward to it...

  6. #1726
    sanbat Guest
    dean thats amazing thanks at first but how can i change that music wile i opened the program i want to add my music on it is it possible ??

  7. #1727
    condorstrike Guest
    * It is possible to include the boot sound/music when creating THEMES for multiMAN (the file is in MP3 format, saved as SOUND.BIN in /USRDIR/ folder)

    Quote Originally Posted by ffarea View Post
    Hello ! anyone have some themes for multiman ? Where can i find some themes plz ?

    There's 173 pages, but most info can be found on Page#1, just read the changelog...

  8. #1728
    Stevolab Guest
    I don't have any version of this intstalled.... really want to check this out.... but i want to make sure that it will directly install i see it say that you need to update to this version... will it see all the stuff on my hd? I started with open manager moved to gaia and now this looks much more efficient... (ok it looks cool)

    thanks in advance

  9. #1729
    severusx Guest
    It will install without any issues, just make sure that your backup locations are included in the options file. Also make sure that they are NOT in the program folders of other managers if you choose to delete those managers.

  10. #1730
    sanbat Guest
    so i can't change it without creating themes for multiman am i understood right ? i am asking to do like copy paste the mp3 file to the exact directory.. is it a way to do like that or another easy way ??

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