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    Hey, deanrr, any news about real BDMV playback (with BD-J menus and everything) from internal / external HDD?

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    nice job on the PIP poc... now, how would you incorporate it as a preview system or something else?

    would be awesome to use PIP as a playlist... gonna check it out when i get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    Dean, good work with the multiPlay. I'm curious on how it works, I mean, you have to use a pc app (which i believe that you developed) to put the video on another container and the subtitle is .srt or is another format that is built in this container?
    It looks like the PAMF container but video/audio is not interleaved. I'm still thinking on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by fileracc View Post
    Hey, deanrr, any news about real BDMV playback (with BD-J menus and everything) from internal / external HDD?
    No, no way for BDJ.

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    Dean that PIP demo looks insane bro very excited your developing this project further all the time. Thanks for putting the hard yards in for us.

    I seem to be having a bug when I try to delete folders from the HDD0 multiman shows the delete progress bar and that's all cool but when browsing the folders still remain.

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    Thanks for your awesome work Dean, i think if you use .divx format is only way to see subtitles in ps3. Forget MKV, i like to see in Ps3 any kind of interface like netflix or Western Digital HD players with moviesheets, and show covers like multiman without need to use AVCHD, if you can play avi+subs+moviesheets style like western digital hd players why do you need MKV? (Sorry about my english, im Spanish multiman user)

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    just saw the video, very nice...

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    original theme translated into Spanish?

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    why does my multiMAN show the [VIDEO]?

    the structure is

    on the file manager, but the manager ONLY show GAMES?

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    I know something will surface eventually for the PS3 that will play .mkv without the need for a pc. It's just my ps3 media server (app on pc) has stopped working so i can't stream them anymore to the PS3.

    Also cant get AVCHD to work (tried one movie and it gave error upon error)... must have done something wrong i guess
    And i dont wanna to convert all my movies (couple hundred)

    Anywayz still loving the development of MultiMan

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    I just can't get this new version to load my games? the covers show ok but nothing happens when i hit x i have now reinstall the previous version and all works again??

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