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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    2bigkings Guest
    at first, thanks for the awesome AVCHD support! your manager is the best. but what's the correct path for the covers? i already downloaded 700s of covers for the gaja manager and i dont want do download all this again (my internetspeed is sloooow..)

    is there also a support for avchd covers? :-)

    thx and keep on your good work!

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    deank Guest
    In the update which will follow in an hour or so you'll be able to put a line in the .ini to point to a covers folder:

    # Directory to store covers
    There is no way to identify AVCHD content to use covers, but I can add support if there is a COVER.PNG (260x300px) file in the AVCHD folder

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    2bigkings Guest
    thanks deanrr , that would be great! so i can use my blu-ray covers :-)

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    Wooper Guest
    oh my god dean, you are so awesome, another tool you develope, i am so gald with your other programas but this is just fantastic, i will test it when i get home but as i can see in this threat it looks great, thanks for realesing this.

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    MannyMania Guest
    Hi all, I'd love to try this out but is this only for firmware v3.41?? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Combomix Guest
    Any Spanish Version?

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    MindKiller Guest
    thank you that you have taken my idea xD


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    iakler Guest
    Hi dean, I really like the teased update feature and am looking forward to it.

    Just a few suggestions for this special feature:

    1. In most cases only the eboot.bin changes between every release (maybe also the BG.png)
    Isn't it possible just to update these updated files within dev_hdd0/game/? This way no user interaction would be necessary. Or isn't it possible because this file is locked while the manager is open?
    2. Could you integrate a bit text into the update dialog, which changes were implemented into the newest version?

    If this is too much work or just not possible, please ignore my post.

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    Combomix Guest
    but... the update how is made? via internet? only with the console conected to internet or lan? how work it?

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    MindKiller Guest
    does the automatically update overwrite the options.ini ??

    because it sucks to set the options everyday again ^^

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