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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    g0nned Guest
    +2 Mkv + Srt would be awesome!

    I use PS3 Media Server but my ps3 serving as Popcorn hour is priceless lol.

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    randomusername Guest
    Where were all these "+1'ers" when I was discussing this a few weeks ago ?!

    Looks like it would a be a good thing finding that "week" Dean... oh... how convenient... a little holiday called Christmas is nearly here

    Loving the PIP developments

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    mecagondior Guest
    MultiPlay!! oh yeah!!! fantastic job Mr. Dean

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    sxcevo Guest
    hey, how do you mount the avchd files? i have my games located in my games folder in hd001 all thats working fine. just woundering how i mount them so i can store them on my ps3 so i can take it with me while im at uni. cheers

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    Motorhead Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    So I was playing this afternoon with video playback and created a small POC application as you can see in the screenshots...

    I just tested 5 simultaneous PIP display + subtitles and that's just for couple of hours... The video I used is [email protected]
    Great job, thanks man!!!

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    deank Guest
    You can mount AVCHD by activating them from the GAME display modes or in FILE MANAGER by [X]-ing the INDEX.BDM.

    Guys, please quit the MKV stuff... Even if I find time for this multiPLAY app it won't support MKV (not in the beginning at least). It will require a PC program to remux a MKV into a container for multiPLAY (mav).

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    iloveyou Guest
    Isn't it possible to support mkv or why all are afraid of this filetype ? Maybe someone could port vlc with all codec's...but i don't think its that easy heh ?

    But if MultiPLAY just needed to change the container, that would be a beginning Thanks dean

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    condorstrike Guest
    I have to agree with you, Dean. people are so desperate for MKV, there's many programs out there that do remux already, so just wait it out, be patient... you might have to put in red-bold letters, "NO MKV NOW, and maybe NEVER" in the thread's header.
    but people will still ask...

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    deank Guest
    I don't have problems with the MKV container. I find it very flexible and well thought. It is that I need to learn from scratch how to demux MKV and use its elementary streams and I don't have time to do it.

    Porting any application to PS3 requires a lot of efforts and most of these applications (like the emulators) are ported by a whole team and not by a singe person.

    I'm just me and I do what I can (creating multixxxx applications) hehe


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    FMAranda Guest
    Dean, good work with the multiPlay. I'm curious on how it works, I mean, you have to use a pc app (which i believe that you developed) to put the video on another container and the subtitle is .srt or is another format that is built in this container?


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