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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    daneel Guest
    Hi, bad CRC to extract two files.

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    Brenza Guest


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    Freeman93 Guest
    Hi, I really like the manager, and I'm using it all the time, but is it possible to enable playing of Blu-Ray Movies of other regions then the consoles one, because I have a US PS3, and can't play Euro PS3 movies?


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    condorstrike Guest
    thank you... PS3news...

    btw, guys, from now on, am going to release the themes already Packed, is easier for me and Dean, and better for you all... straight installation from xmb.

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    boob4me Guest

    Thumbs Up patched mode?

    when I press r1 to go into patched mode,is there any sings to let you know you are in patched mode? trying to get def jam running but it needs to be run in patched mode

    * also what is patch mode anyways, does it just patch the eboot.bin from another game or what? any help would be great!!!

    Thanks in advance!.. GREAT WORK!! Deanrr & Condorstrike!

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    mecagondior Guest
    Dean add suported for .MKV, please!!!

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    MindKiller Guest


    hi dean and all the others I want to share with you my SOUND.BIN.. i think it fits very well in Multiman.. pls give it a try

    here is a little preview:

    Hope you like it ^^

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    haze67 Guest

    Smile MKV

    mkv+subs support would be nice indeed

    anyway, cheers for the update!! and condorstrike, damn theme10 is sexy ... keep it going!

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    lefterisk Guest
    +1 For Mkv with Srt support (Greek also...)

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    deank Guest
    So I was playing this afternoon with video playback and created a small POC application as you can see in the screenshots...

    I just tested 5 simultaneous PIP display + subtitles and that's just for couple of hours... The video I used is 1920x1080i at 29.970...

    Here is a crappy video taken with my phone (in .3GP format)


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