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    deank Guest
    Thanks, punyon! (rep+)

    I just wanted to rule out the rumors from couple of months ago, about game backups on optical medium.


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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    I'd better post a small homebrew + PC convertor which can play the famous MKV + SRT files.
    +1 For Mkv/Srt ...

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    punyon Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Thanks, punyon! (rep+)

    I just wanted to rule out the rumors from couple of months ago, about game backups on optical medium.

    Still dumps to XMB with the BD-ROM pkg. The disc can be browsed using multiman file manager.

    In game manager shows up as empty entry, tried loading it, shows up in app/home, tried to run it error code 8001002B.

    Went back to multiman, the game shows up on game manager.

    Let me know if you want to try anything else specific. I'm using latest Multiman and Hermes 4b.

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    bew Guest
    Is there an alternate download of this? I tried the links in the opening post and both only downloaded 900~ kb before finishing.

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    Richthofen Guest

    Need help with 80010017 errors with backups

    A number of my recent backups error with 80010017 when I try to launch them from the internal hard drive. I'm using the latest Multiman updated today, via the Multiman interface.

    If I missed a FAQ, please point me in the right direction, as I'm not quite PS3 Jailbreak/Multiman savvy yet.

    I'm using P3Go GT Break using the 11/26 psgroove.hex/Hermes payload from their website.

    I tried to switch to the PL3 payload, but then the same games lock up the PS3 when I try to launch them.

    I did find some instructions on how to modify the options.ini in Multiman to support PL3, but I haven't done that yet.

    # syscall35 source_path (/dev_bdvd or /app_home or /app_home+/dev_bdvd) mount_point=/app_home+/dev_bdvd # SysCalls to mount MOUNT_POINT mount_bdvd=35
    I really like Multiman, but I've been considering trying Gaia due to this issue.

    What I really need is feedback from the Multiman community on a recipe or setup that will allow the greatest amount of compatibility.

    I've also read that if you use Hermes to backup the games they may not launch using PL3, but if you back up with PL3 you can launch with PL3 or Hermes. Is that true?

    Please advise on how I might best set up a reliable system, with PL3 and or Hermes, so I can back up games with Multiman and Gaia, and swap between Hermes and PL3 with as little modifications as possible.

    I hope to be able to trouble shoot my own Multiman/Payload/Compatibility issues by using 2 different Backup managers and 2 different payloads so I can narrow down where my issues are.

    I realize there are lots of moving parts here, I'll be happy to add additional information as required.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    condorstrike Guest

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Finally, the best update (in my opinion) coming is that we will be able to promote individual posts in any existing thread (versus only new threads in the Member News area) to the Site News keeping it in the ongoing thread.
    We did a promotion test from one of deanrr's recent release posts in this thread to the main page today... with the exception of 1-2 minor backend things that need updating by CJPC tomorrow I am happy to report it was a success.

    We will probably do one more to test a few remaining things tonight though, so THANKS for your patience while we finish this backend system mod guys.

    Update: I have now promoted condorstrike's as well, and CJPC is still plugging away at the fixes also.

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    ps3Grabberoid Guest
    i used multiAVCHD and inputted a video (with dts audio). It's resolution is 1920x800 and when i started multiAVCHD, i clicked on ps3. The log showed and eventually got this

    [Register or Login to view code]

    (movies are backed up) i transfered the output folder "AVCHD" to local disk L, also known as my external hard drive.

    The directory is now


    Everything was working perfect, i could see it on XMB and play it, but since it was 1920x800, there was a big black bar on the bottom... (pissed me off), but anyways ... i went on MultiMAN and looked for the file. there was nothing. it showed my GAMEZ folder where i stored my ps3 backups.

    Why doesn't it show the video?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Liberator Guest
    well deanrr if you still need someone to try to burn games on blue-ray just let me know.

    and thanks for your hard work on Multiman.

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    ps3Grabberoid Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I inputted this movie with dts audio and avc video. the resolution is 1920x800, and has a big black bar on the bottom of the screen. Very annoying. Anyways so started the file and outputted it as Sony Playstation 3.

    It was sccessfully, as you see in the log and created a folder in my computer called "AVCHD"

    i then copied this folder onto my external hard drive, drive L.
    drive L is Fat32.

    so the directory is now


    i then started my ps3 and saw AVCHD in XMB. It worked and played the video fine.

    but when i checked it on MultiMAN, there were no videos. But my games (found in L:\GAMES\BLUS-xxxx\) were available.

    What was the problem?

    Thanks in Advance

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