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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    boob4me Guest

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    any advice on how to burn?, as a data disk probably? since its not like the 360 so we shouldn't have to put a layer-break(1913760) -as for "lost and found" it should be safe to delete contents??

    anyways I'll burn one now as a data disk at x2 and report back with the results!

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    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, i meant dual layer, i have more than enough hdd space but having that option is always great, specially for those that need it, i'll test asap.

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    deank Guest
    The first post is updated with links to multiMAN ver 1.11.02 BASE for PS3 which includes:

    • Launch games from any folder (click [X] on EBOOT.BIN)
    • Mount AVCHD from any folder (click [X] on INDEX.BDM)
    • Mount BDMV (Blu-ray) from any folder (click [X] on index.bdmv)
    • New option in INI: mount_hdd1=1 (to use 2GB PS3 cache partition)

    The archive also includes BD-ROM.pkg as described in the previous posts.

    You can also update within the manager (which is always the first update available).

    Here is a MEGA pack (FULL) for multiMAN 01.11.02 (stable) (27MB) (FW 3.40-3.55).

    The package includes:
    • multiMAN 01.11.02
    • multiMAN graphic interface (icons/graphics - default/original theme)
    • multiMAN covers pack (851 game covers in JPG format)
    • multiMAN background music (6 minute music loop background while multiMAN is operating)
    • Full change-log and navigation (pad/keyboard/mouse) information (txt)
    • Default options (options_default.ini)

    I strongly suggest that users update to 01.11.02 and use this package (that is for PS3 FIRMWARES 03.40-03.55 only).

    edit: Package removed due to few bugs fixed in 01.11.03.


    [imglink=|MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod v01.11.02 with BD-ROM.PKG Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    randomusername Guest
    Is this the version that we'll get if we use the updater inside the app itself ?

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    deank Guest
    Yes, it is the same one. The package includes EVERYTHING for new users or for those who want to make sure they really have the whole multiMAN package and features.


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    Bigshon Guest
    deanrr you shoud try your hand at some kind of CFW, all your apps with the mulitman works great!

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    deank Guest
    I'd better post a small homebrew + PC convertor which can play the famous MKV + SRT files.

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    punyon Guest
    I tried burning Castlevania on BD-RE using UDF 2.50 with Imgburn. Tried to run it using the BD-ROM pkg, it dumps me back right into XMB.

    I tried putting the PS3_GAME as root folder and tried with PS3_GAME under game name folder, both no go, dumps back to XMB.

    Any specific options/file structure you want me to try out ?

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    deank Guest
    Try to use UDF 2.50 + ISO 9660 + Joliet - it is the default for PS3 game discs. Also try to browse the disc within multiMAN.

    I believe this is a no-go task (with optical media), but still it is better to try all options.

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    punyon Guest
    Ok burning now, with PS3_GAME etc.. folders as root.

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