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    deank Guest
    You can switch without deinstalling. There is a package in the first post with the original theme. Download it and you can always go back to it.

  2. #1642
    Ps3warrior Guest
    Great updates lately!!

    Just a quick one - what size do the covers need to be as I want to add some of the missing ones.

    Also is it possible in any of the future updates to add a set button password to enable disable the copy/delete functions rather than having to copy and delete new options.ini everytime I want to alter things? such as hold select and press up-down-lef-right to unlock/lock these functions.

  3. #1643
    deank Guest
    If you take a look at the installed covers you'll find they're 260x300px JPG.

  4. #1644
    FMAranda Guest
    Yes, beautiful theme, nice colors and everything, finally some tech style. Thanks! I still cannot +Rep you, i have to give around some reputation, lol.

  5. #1645
    condorstrike Guest
    thanks, that was the fastest theme i've done, and came out really good...

    i think this 1 i'll keep as my default for a while, love the icons... and Dean, nice...

  6. #1646
    deank Guest
    Is there anyone around with BD writer and a spare BD-RE disc to check if it is possible to launch a game off a non original (recordable) BD disc?

    I tested with DVD media but games load just to a point and error out, because the drive doesn't serve the files.

    I created a small application which will appear on the Game XMB column as BD-ROM and will allow you to launch a game burned to a disc, which the PS3 doesn't recognize as genuine BD game disc.

    If there is anyone around with bd burner - let me know and I'll post the PKG (it is just 170KB). (edit: attached to the post)


  7. #1647
    condorstrike Guest
    danm, if i was home i would do it, and i have multiple brands...

    getting DVD media to work would be even more awesome.

  8. #1648
    deank Guest
    I couldn't make it work with DVD+RW and most games are bigger than 4.4GB so it is not really useful. I attached the PKG in the previous post so let me know if you find time to check it out.


  9. #1649
    boob4me Guest
    what about dl dvd's?

    also what is the "lost and found folder" on my ps3?

  10. #1650
    deank Guest
    I attached the PKG so you can test DVD-DL yourself. I can't test everything.

    lost+found is a standard *nix folder. It contains files/folders found after a disk check after an improper shutdown/lock/etc.

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