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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sparhawk110 View Post
    That is worth MUCH more than a quick note. That is just awesome! Me and my Logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse set loves you.
    Put your pants on !!!

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    ChokeD Guest

    Any way I can get you to add some options to the .ini ?

    enable/disable the display of controls on individual or all display modes (exam. O - Backup)

    enable/disable the colored boxes surrounding the HDD, USB, PS3 IP etc.

    option of coloring the font/letters of HDD, USB, PS3 IP using a #ffxxxx number

    an option to display the clock as 12/17/10 instead of 17/12/10

    reload or refresh of MultiMAN that would allow us to test our themes without backing out of MultiMAN every time a new PICPA/FMG etc. is ftp'd for testing purposes

    any other arguments/ you think you can get away with as far as enabling/disabling font color, JPG,PNG etc. to all display modes

    These are just some requests. I know you have bigger and better to work on and I can appreciate that. This is an outstanding tool as well as it is a toy. You have done a wonderful job and I as well as others are very grateful. Some of these requests are petty I know, some may not be possible and I understand if something just can't be done now or ever, but I had to ask. I am in the process of making some really nice themes/icons/BGs for MM and would just like to see what my options are as far as what you feel is worthy or possible. I'm not the best at graphics, but I got skills and resources. I would just like to see what you think. Are any of these within reach or worth your time ??

    Thanks for your time,

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    condorstrike Guest
    ok guys... here's a new theme: Condorstrike 10. i'll take a break after this one, hope you like it, and as always rep+ Dean for his awesome work...

    and let me know if you like it... thanks.

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    Bigshon Guest
    that theme is slick!!!

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    deank Guest
    Do you find something odd in the picture?

    Yes, I 'unlocked' the hidden /dev_hdd1 cache partition on the PS3. It is just 2GB and available only within multiMAN, but still 2GB to store stuff. It is also available via FTP.


  6. #1636
    randomusername Guest
    Why is it hidden in the first place ? What's it used for normally ?

  7. #1637
    deank Guest
    It is a reserved area on the internal HDD which is not accessible via the regular file system. It is used to store cache data, limited to 2GB, survives system reset/restart.


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    randomusername Guest
    Just wondered if anything negative might happen if you start writing to it and the system wants to write to it as well but can't..

  9. #1639
    deank Guest
    No, nothing bad can happen. The area is used only by game applications and is isolated. It is the same area used by the DEBUG consoles as BD emulator (but limited to 2GB on the retail unit, since you can't attach a second internal HDD).

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    attie Guest

    Thanks deanrr

    multiman is a great and cool tool, thanks mate. about updating to 1.11, is deinstall first necessary? and when i want to use condorstrike backgrounds can i switch easily to the original multiman backgrounds? Anyway, thanks for making this awesome software for our beloved PS3

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