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    Contributor hawk188's Avatar
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    Thanks for taking time to reply Dean.. I will revert to the default option and let you know.. If you don't hear from me, it's all good ..LOL
    Cheers.. hope you have some time off for Xmas and New Year !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc2590 View Post
    Implying... lol

    edit by dean: please!

    i don't know what you think i was implying... no idea, what are you saying?

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    This piece of soft really needs a manual.

    I don't know how to do things and where to put things.

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    All you need is described in the 1st post.

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    For your point of view as developer is everyhing explained, but for my point, it need a series of simple how-to do things. But not from you, from some experienced user, you have to work in the soft!

    Like where to put the movies?


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    It's on the first page...

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    Hi guys, in anticipation of today's movie release "Tron-Legacy" I release a new Theme...

    Condorstrike 9... TRON-theme. hope you like, can't wait to see the movie... enjoy

    btw, this release has a background menu sound... try it out...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    SDC14004.JPG   SDC14000.JPG   SDC14002.JPG   SDC14001.JPG   SDC14003.JPG  

    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by condorstrike; 02-28-2011 at 05:43 AM Reason: re-upped theme.

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    Thought I update you Dean. I think there could be a bug or maybe I'm not doing something. All good with the .ini file but here's what happen.

    On first starting Multiman - all Movies and Games are dispalyed on one page with titles, cover and PIC1 displaying perfect.

    Press Select+R1 will then display only Games with titles,cover,PIC1 -Perfect.
    Press Select+R1 again will now display only Movies again all intact -Perfect.

    Now if I wanted to go back to games, Pressing Select+R1 will now take me to both Movies And Games in one page like before BUT this time, all the games titles reverts to IDs (eg, BLES_000441..etc) and no covers nothing. The movies remains OK.

    Pressing Select+R1 again now will only dispaly game list in IDs only.

    If I exit out of Multiman totally and then start again, all is good for the first 3 cycling of Select+R1.

    I can live with ending and starting Multiman but thought you might like to know in case it was a bug...

    Happy holidays Dean !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by onolox View Post
    For your point of view as developer is everyhing explained, but for my point, it need a series of simple how-to do things. But not from you, from some experienced user, you have to work in the soft!

    Like where to put the movies?


    multiMAN supports managing AVCHD and BDMV structures, but it doesn't actually PLAY them. It mounts them to their proper locations so your PS3 can find/recognize the structures and play them via XMB [Video] tab menu.

    Coloring and prefixes in the game display modes:


    * [Video] (YELLOW color) = AVCHD on external USB HDD/stick
    * [Video] (ORANGE/RED color) = BDMV on external USB HDD/stick - NOT WORKING PROPERLY
    * [HDD Video] (Yellow) = AVCHD on internal HDD
    * [HDD Video] (Orange/Red) = BDMV on internal HDD

    * AVCHD or BDMV on external HDD/USB must be stored in the root \ folder of your device:


    * AVCHD or BDMV on internal HDD must be stored in the same folder where your games are (for example /dev_hdd0/GAMES)


    * AVCHD movies on external USB HDD/stick will be properly renamed upon activation (only ONE active AVCHD folder supported by PS3)

    * BDMV (Blu-ray) movies on external USB will be mounted as BDMV disc (original BD game/video disc required) - NOT WORKING PROPERLY

    * AVCHD movies on internal HDD will be mounted to externally connected USB/SDHC/MS storage device (USB stick/SDHC/MS card required with 22KB free)

    * BDMV (Blu-ray) movies on internal HDD must be converted to AVCHD before mounting. multiMAN will prompt you to do it for you - accept it and convert it. Then it will be mounted as AVCHD.

    * BDMV (Blu-ray) movies authored with JAVA extension (BD-J discs) are not supported. You can check the contents of BDJO or JAR folders. If there are files there - it won't work.

    Playing back the mounted structure is done by activating the AVCHD icon from PS3's XMB Video tab - you must select the USB/SDHC/MS storage device, used for mounting.

    In the next update there will be two new features for the FILE manager, concerning GAMES (internal/external HDD) and AVCHD (internal HDD):

    * Browsing to a folder ../PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ and pressing [X] on EBOOT.BIN will mount the game. It means that using this feature you can launch games NO MATTER what folder they are in.

    * Browsing to a folder ../BDMV/ and pressing [X] on INDEX.BDM will mount the AVCHD structure, no matter where the folder is located on your internal HDD.


    While on the subject, I decided to go a bit further:


    * You can now activate GAMES from ANY device and ANY folder (internal/external/any subpath) (../PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN)

    * You can now activate AVCHD from ANY device and ANY folder (internal/external/any subpath) (../BDMV/INDEX.BDM)

    * You can now activate BDMV from ANY device and ANY folder (internal/external/any subpath) (You'll be prompted to convert Blu-ray to AVCHD) (../BDMV/index.bdmv)

    The following files:


    are considered executable and are colored in red. If you click [X] on such file the proper actions will be performed (game mounting/launching, AVCHD activation and BDMV conversion).

    There is an important fix related to syscall8 (a small bug) which will be available later today in the new version, along with the changes mentioned above.

    Last edited by deank; 12-17-2010 at 10:52 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    That is worth MUCH more than a quick note. That is just awesome! Me and my Logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse set loves you.


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