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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    FUTURIO2009 Guest
    i am new in this thread. one question: every time i install new version of this file manager(now it is .17) i must disinstall the old one?

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    deank Guest
    No. There is no need to uninstall. Simply install it and it will overwrite the old version. It won't affect your games.

    I added support for .mp3 and .wav files import into the virtual folder (PS3 music library) /ps3_home/music. This and some other things later today in 01.10.18. All mp3 tags like album/genre/artist are transferred, too.


    You can now update to version 01.10.18:

    * Proper detection of Blu-ray Video discs

    * New options in the .ini to set mouse deadzone in percents for R/L sticks

    * Added MP3/WAV/AAC file/folder copy support to /ps3_home/music (XMB Music tab)
    * Added PNG/JPG file/folder copy support to /ps3_home/photo (XMB Photo tab)

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    condorstrike Guest
    guys, i'm making a Batman theme... i'll release it tonight or tomorrow morning.

    thanks for the new release Dean.

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    deank Guest
    I delayed packaging the latest theme you posted because you said something about changing the screens. If so - I'll wait; if not - do you want to pack it?

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    condorstrike Guest
    sorry... the one in post #1527 is good.

    yeah, the screen is fixed, you can pack that one, thanks...

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    deank Guest

    Here we go with condorstrike's theme #7!

    First post also updated!

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    deank Guest
    *condorstrike: I don't know if you really use multiMAN, but:

    SELECT: does nothing
    START: does nothing

    It is a bit misleading in your theme images...

    There is no "HOMEBREW" mode in multiMAN.

    SELECT + START -> File manager

    I don't know what you meant by "SELECT->BD setup" and "START->Brew" (unless you made your PS3 brew some beer or whiskey)


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    condorstrike Guest
    i'm so sorry, i never got around to changing it cause i thought you were going to implement it... that's why i named it like that... i'll correct it in the new versions and post the screen for all the current ones...

    so, you want it to be: SELECT + START -> File manager, right...?

    i'll get on it, and sorry.

    or do you want me to repackage them, and send them to you...?

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    deank Guest
    Check this info and email me with the changes if you like:

    Navigation in GAME display modes:
    [X] - Load/launch a game
    [ ] - Delete selected game
    [O] - Backup/copy selected game
    [/\] - Exit to XMB
    [L1] - Switch to next game display mode
    [L2] - Show options.ini / setup
    [L3] - Switch Title Names font size / paths
    [R1] - USB controller patch mode
    [R2] - Test selected game files
    [R3] - Check for program update
    [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
    [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode
    [SELECT]+[R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH)
    [SELECT]+[R3] - change current FreeType font
    [SELECT]+[START] - launches File Manager
    [START]+[left] - Previous MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[right] - Next MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[UP] - Increase playback volume
    [START]+[DOWN] - Decrease playback volume

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    randomusername Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oldcrunchy View Post
    Making a media player component in Multi Man would be totally different to using PS3Media Server, as we'd be bale to use just the PS3 for Media Playback and not be reliant on a PC and LAN being as a lot of people use WLAN PS3 Media Server is not ideal, in fact if you look at something like XBMC you'll realize how gimped PS3 Media Server really is although it does what it does extremely well it is no where close to being a great Media Management and Playback application. I'm fully aware that yes you can put movie covers etc. as icons on the XMB but really when you have a reasonable collection you want automatic scrapers and IMDB ratings to go with your rips.

    Hence despite your Point of View I think you haven't considered the potential of such an application and why so many people would love to see it created.

    In fact whomever does develop something like this is going to be the proud developer of THE default file manager moving forward, the ability to have one front end which drills in and launches all PS3 Backups also the ability to browse through to emulators and launch isos and roms, plus have atab for Music and Video playback is going to OWN the PS3 Jailbreak WORLD!!!
    Yeah, but that's WAY WAY off.... You've missed the bit where I said it would be good if it could do something PS3MS CAN'T do - which is actually what you've suggested, i.e. playing media WITHOUT a PC being on all the time.

    That would be amazing, and it would obviously mean mkv-support - and you seem to share the same view that whoever achieves this, well, it would be a MAJOR coup if it can be done.

    I fully understand the potential, I was just approaching it from the POV that adding media features that can already be achieved via existing apps, in my opinion, isn't that worthwhile (although obviously it's nothing to do with me and completely up to Dean!). The first thing you learn as a dev is not to re-invent the wheel, but for all I know, all the media things that Dean's added might have been fairly simple to achieve, but what's the point if they're not quite as good as what's already available.

    That's why I love the AVCHD > internal HDD feature of this manager, that's something nothing else can give you.

    And let me just confirm that in NO way do i think this stuff is a) easy to do b) that it doesn't take time c) that i'm not infinitely grateful to Dean for everything he's done (actually more so for multiAVCHD ) d) think this is THE best manager.

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