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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fferreira View Post
    Do you use a BLES806XX folder? I just saw that when unpacking the latest version.

    What is this: "cellMSSystemGetNeededMemorySize.__cellMSSystemIni tBasic.__gafMP3"?
    Where did you see that message?

    Yes it uses BLES80608 since day one.

    Guys, I've been busy at the office but will post back with answers tomorrow.

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    kovot Guest
    Wow, those look so good m8!

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    randomusername Guest
    OK, if you're playing back off USB then as mentioned in the thread directly below, you can just activate sequential playback, that's been around for ages now.

    If you're not playing back off USB, then you're streaming, so no need to split the file - and if you're not doing that then you're copying, so there's still no need to split the file.

    My point is, and of course it's my own personal pov, that there's little point in pursuing/improving multiMAN as a media player if it's not able to do at least, if not more, than what's available already.

    I do like what it can do with AVCHD for example, in that you can copy to internal HDD and it still will play as AVCHD, and not as single files (thus retaining DTS/24p/selectable subs/audio etc).

    This forum is odd... sometimes I can edit my own posts, sometimes I can't!

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    Stormy1987 Guest
    you are right. now that i was told that there is a function called sequentially playing , i am just fine with the XMB Nice would be to see Videocovers in the XMB , but that is really not needed

    and to that edit button... i have the same problem. sometimes i can edit, sometimes not

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by randomusername View Post
    This forum is odd... sometimes I can edit my own posts, sometimes I can't!
    It only allows edit for a few minutes after posts are made, for spelling or grammar corrections etc. After that the edit functionality disappears basically.

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    oldcrunchy Guest
    Making a media player component in Multi Man would be totally different to using PS3Media Server, as we'd be bale to use just the PS3 for Media Playback and not be reliant on a PC and LAN being as a lot of people use WLAN PS3 Media Server is not ideal, in fact if you look at something like XBMC you'll realize how gimped PS3 Media Server really is although it does what it does extremely well it is no where close to being a great Media Management and Playback application. I'm fully aware that yes you can put movie covers etc. as icons on the XMB but really when you have a reasonable collection you want automatic scrapers and IMDB ratings to go with your rips.

    Hence despite your Point of View I think you haven't considered the potential of such an application and why so many people would love to see it created.

    In fact whomever does develop something like this is going to be the proud developer of THE default file manager moving forward, the ability to have one front end which drills in and launches all PS3 Backups also the ability to browse through to emulators and launch isos and roms, plus have atab for Music and Video playback is going to OWN the PS3 Jailbreak WORLD!!!

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    condorstrike Guest
    Haven't you guys noticed... that application is multiMan, but development takes time, shoot just look at EOL, there's like 100 people working on a backup manager and it's still inferior to this one and Gaia, and remember Dean is just 1 guy... which tells a lot about his skills and commitment cause otherwise we wouldn't be talking about his work... peace.

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    oldcrunchy Guest
    Sorry you mis interpreted my post, I wasn't complaining I was pointing out to the other poster why it is cool to have all these extra functionality.

    I don't think anybody knows if this whole Backup manager program is going to be able to do everything we dream for, eventually maybe there will be some other release down the track which does this but who knows right

    I certainly agree MultiMan is the best choice for a backup manager and we all benefit and appreciate Deans hard work especially the direct communication here, a few company's could learn some customer service from this guy who does it without any monetary gain!

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    condorstrike Guest
    sorry, i mis-read you.. ... but also i was talking in general...

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    I'm trying to load a movie from multiMAN but it does not work. First of all i put the AVCHD folder created with multiAVCHD on my usb hdd (X:\AVCHD) but when i plug it on multiMAN it does not get showed on the games list. Anyway, i copied this folder into my games folder in the internal hdd (dev_hdd0\GAMES\AVCHD) and after this it showed up on list. The problem is, when i load this movie it does not play, i go the Video section and i play it from my usb hdd but i only get a black screen and it get back to the XMB.

    I deleted the AVCHD folder of my usb hdd and i let multiMAN create the needed files to play the movie from my internal hdd but nothing.

    What am i doing wrong?
    For external USB (HDD) AVCHD playback you have to have the structure in this format:


    where AVCHD can be any-folder-name. multiMAN will rename it to "AVCHD". Did you use "Sony Playstation 3" button in multiAVCHD?

    If it doesn't play from the internal HDD (when you copy it to the games folder) then there is something broken with the structure.

    You don't need multiMAN if you have only one folder called "AVCHD" in the root of your USB HDD. You can play it directly from the XMB / VIDEO / AVCHD.

    Quote Originally Posted by LowDead View Post
    Thank you for a great manager. I just have a quick question. I searched the thread but couldn't find anything.

    Is it compatible with files splitted with PS3Splitter? If no, could it be implemented?
    Yes it is compatible. PS3Splitter appeared long time after SPLIT4G, which is also compatible with all backup managers + comgenie's FM.


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