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    I have a quick question maybe you guys or ladies can help. I've been useing this (mod of OBM by dean) since it came out and i think its the best ones out but here's my question.

    OK when I updated the the manager and everything works great but I can no longer play music with games like blur or street fighter or other games that allows you to play music from the hard drive so can some one help. maybe I missed the on switch, oh and thanks!

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    Dean, on the latest font test release, OSK and nethost and updates are not working for me... but is late and i'm tired, so it may be something i did...

    can't wait to see what'll be on the next release, thanks.
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    All works here... I'll release .17 later with some fixes and better memory management.

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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    i've been working on an xmb replica for a while, but it takes long to finish cause i want it to look just right... might release it on monday. thanks for the input.

    edit: i might hold off on uncharted for now, but i really like the sand tones...

    i'll finish the xmb theme first.

    btw: Stormy1987, how about something like this?...

    or this: we'll you know, eventually... Dean needs his rest, OR DOES HE...?lol
    the latest 2 of your mediaplayer designs are much better than the first one for the wii. the wii has more "childish" style (like the wii is) and for the ps3 it needs to be something serious/modern like you did in the pictures above.

    i think you can only make it 100 % fit, when there is some multimediaplayer released.

    btw... i like the music in the playlist a lot

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    You can now update to 01.10.17

    In File Manager:

    * [R3] will open a file in HEX view mode
    * HEX view:

    [UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes)
    [LEFT]/[RIGHT] - Scroll in blocks (8KB)
    [L1] - Seek to start of file
    [R1] - Seek to end of file
    [L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes)
    [R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes)
    [/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer

    * Playing network files will show their names and not 'net_play.bin'.
    * [SELECT]+[L1] will return you from file manager to last display mode
    * [SELECT]+[R3] - change freetype font for display modes 1 and 3



    Navigation in GAME display modes:

    [X] - Load/launch a game
    [ ] - Delete selected game
    [O] - Backup/copy selected game
    [/\] - Exit to XMB

    [L1] - Switch to next game display mode
    [L2] - Show options.ini / setup
    [L3] - Switch Title Names font size / paths

    [R1] - USB controller patch mode
    [R2] - Test selected game files
    [R3] - Check for program update

    [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
    [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode
    [SELECT]+[R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH)
    [SELECT]+[R3] - change current FreeType font
    [SELECT]+[START] - launches File Manager

    [START]+[LEFT] - Previous MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[RIGHT] - Next MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[UP] - Increase playback volume
    [START]+[DOWN] - Decrease playback volume

    Navigation in FILE MANAGER mode:

    [ANALOGUE STICKS] - Move mouse pointer
    [D-PAD] - up/down/left/right moves mouse cursor 1 line up/down (left/right pane)

    [L1] - Switches back to 'game' display mode
    [SELECT]+[L1] - Switch to the game mode before File Manager was launched

    [L2] - Page up (current pane)
    [R2] - Page down (current pane)

    [R3] - Open file in HEX viewer


    [X] - Enters selected directory
    [X] - Play selected AC3/MP3 file and loads remaining in playlist, view selected PNG/JPG picture (and enters PICTURE viewer)
    [/\] - Exit to XMB
    [ ] - Delete file/folder (use with caution - disabled for PS3 root folders)
    [O] - Copy file/folder

    [SELECT]+[O] - Move file/folder
    [SELECT]+[X] - Rename file/folder or refresh net_host# folder
    [R1] - Create new folder

    Bottom device icons:

    [X] or [L3] - Loads device folders in LEFT pane
    [O] or [R3] - Loads device folders in RIGHT pane


    [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
    [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode

    [START]+[LEFT] - Previous MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[RIGHT] - Next MP3 song in the playlist
    [START]+[UP] - Increase playback volume
    [START]+[DOWN] - Decrease playback volume

    Navigation in PICTURE VIEWER

    [X] - Next image
    [L1]/[LEFT] - Previous image
    [R1]/[RIGHT] - Next image
    [L2] - Zoom In
    [R2] - Zoom Out
    [Left Stick] - Pan
    [Right Stick] - Zoom
    [L3]/[DOWN] - Zoom image to fit width
    [R3]/[UP] - Zoom image to fit height
    [SELECT] - Show file information
    [START] - Starts picture slideshow
    [/\] or [O] - Exit picture viewer

    Navigation in HEX file viewer

    [UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes)
    [LEFT]/[RIGHT] - Scroll in blocks (8KB)
    [L1] - Seek to start of file
    [R1] - Seek to end of file
    [L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes)
    [R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes)
    [/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Last edited by deank; 12-10-2010 at 10:00 AM

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    Hi Dean,

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I've just succesfully downgrade my fat ps3 to v3.10 and when I try and install your pkg. I am asked to update to 3.40? Is 3.40 the minimum fw to run the mulitman? I used downgraded to 3.10 to overcome the cinavia protection btw..

    Thanks in advance


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    In the first post you'll find a link for consoles with firmware 01.90 to 03.30. Download it and it will install just fine on yours.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Last edited by deank; 12-10-2010 at 11:42 AM

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    Thank you very muchly your royal highness I'm all sweet now. Words can't describe your generosity and dedication Dean !! Truly...

    For the benefit of others if not already known, V3.10 and below will overcome the Cinavia protection (audio getting cut off after certain minutes ) I've tested with Resident Evil after life Bluray rip and the karate kid 2010 and works like a dream... I do not use my BR drive to play movies at all as I mentioned in my one other post, so hope this is useful info for some....

    MANY THANKS AGAIN DEAN !! You're a gem!!

    Last edited by deank; 12-10-2010 at 11:40 AM

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    First post updated with links to FULL packages (with 840 covers) for both firmware versions.


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    Dean, is there any advantage to deleting the old covers (png format) and replacing them with the newer jpg ones? Other than just HD file size.


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