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    Hey Deanrr, just out of curiosity... Let's say you got the "motivation" to do .mkv reader or what ever is called.

    Can one connect to the internet and watch streaming movies online like anime or movie sites?

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    Can you have posibility upgrade to support subtitle .srt...

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    Deanrr thanks man, this manager is great and appreciate your work on it buddy.

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    Regarding the 99% freeze during copy.

    Here is what I have found. I just bought Bioshock 2 so I have it backed up to my internal HDD right now. I attempted copying the backup from internal HDD to external USB HDD. The game contains 596 files and is 9.345 GB. When I click O and watch the log the copy happens fine. I deleted the copy on the USB and attempted again.

    This time I did not click O and the progress bar hangs at 99% and I have to power down the PS3. I believe the copy still completes fine, but something goes wrong in the code that is attempting to set the progress bar to 100% and close the bar.

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    ok, guys... time for another theme. hope you like it.

    as always please comment, and thanks Dean...

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    Oct 2010
    Thanks, condorstrike.

    Here is the theme packed in installer PKG.


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    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on this. Definitely my manager of choice. Great job!

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    So I added this short-cut [SELECT]+[R3] to change the font style for modes 1 and 3. Until now one font was available only, but now you can choose 3 other fonts.

    Personally I like the first one

    AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)-dsc00429_smf-jpg

    AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)-dsc00427_smf-jpg

    AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)-dsc00428_smf-jpg


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    wow, you've busy , i like it... i should have added font shortcuts to themes... , knew i forgot something. lol...

    and btw, thanks for the Pkg...

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    Well, it took exactly 3 mins, because the fonts were already implemented. The option will be available in the .ini as user_font=x (where x=0 to 4).

    And I added a link to Theme#5 in the first post, too.


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