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    Hey condorstrike, can you do something more modern, more tech? =D Use colors like silver, gray, maybe blue... Thanks.

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    I had a look at all your themes, thanks btw, must say I preferred the first one as well.

    Just playing "Devil's advocate" for a moment... Whilst it's obviously nice to have everything in one place, mp3/video etc, but what actual benefit is using the nethost app over using PS3MS for example ?

    I'm not seeing the point in copying a video file (which must be in the correct format) using this, rather than just using PS3MS to play on-the-fly, or copy if you like, a much broader range of files, due to it's transcoding capabilities (which I appreciate not every PC can use effectively)...

    If it's just the "have it all in one place" setup, then great, but I feel like i'm missing something...
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    Not everyone has the capability to have a ps3 and computer with ps3ms running on the same network constantly. also, if you put all of your stuff on the ps3, you can just take your ps3 with you to a friend's house and not lug your computer too just to stream movies and music.

    power consumption as well, either just have the ps3 on with all your files on the ps3, or have the ps3 and a computer on, sucking more power just to do what you could do with only the ps3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    Hey condorstrike, can you do something more modern, more tech? =D Use colors like silver, gray, maybe blue... Thanks.
    dude, you read my mind...

    i'm brainstorming that right now... i actually finished a nice metal texture, will update you soon.

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    LOL, that's more than great, i'm anxious

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    well maybe he will make some nice looking GUI for mp3s and videoplaying. Like a player inside the Multiman, where you can add your mp3's to a playlist on the right etc.

    than it's usefull to have all in one

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    I would look for a complete DVD / VIDEO_TS mount function Like XMB does...(only if its possible mount as DVD-R, not only VOBs)...and a small tut for Multiman would be nice...(its a little bit hard for a beginner) and i had a bug, i think...if i switch to VIDEO/GAMES with SELECT and R1 and there's no DVD or Game BluRay in, there comes a grey text with "Insert BluRay Game disc" and "Press START for Filemanager..." that doesn't work then with START...

    even if i press SELECT AND START, but then i get any other screen but no Filemanager. If i go back, START wouldn't start Filemanager... i have to press START+SELECT...but then i get into Filemanager...curious eh ?

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    How do I get this to work with my avchd folder? I made it in multiavchd and put the folder in the root directory of my external hdd but it does not show up.

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    you have to put it in the games folder. would be great if it could be put in a video folder on the root as well tbh.

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    Sooner or later someone will have to do something about this Condorstrike guy, he is starting to take too much attention from our man Dean!
    Maybe send him to his own thread or something...

    To Condorstrike: You know Dean is not allowed to see his family and he his living in a cage, feeding by PS3News, right?

    If you want to became like that, i will contribute a little bit. Since im a big fan of Apple, i would love to see a theme based in that specific fruit!

    Thank you very much.

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