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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    wow, 1200+ views on the theme package since the morning... makes me happy, thanks Dean.
    Indeed, +Rep condorstrike. While there aren't 1200 replies to go along with it I guess as long as there aren't 1200 complaints that means everyone liked it. That is actually impressive though considering it wasn't posted in the Site News.

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    condorstrike Guest
    true that!!! yet, it still feels satisfying, and drives me to make more... thanks.

    and +rep 4 2u2, for keeping this site civil, and organized.

    edit: well, gotta wait to rep... i just did Dean

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    mad3d Guest
    I have tested multiMAN ver 1.10.14 [20101202_224400].pkg , I have about 60 games on my fat32 usb external hdd and there are a lot of duplicated game names on the list pointing to my usb hdd. This is bug #1 and #2, it does hangs at 99% (last file) when I try to transfer a game from my external usb hdd to ps3 internal one.

    I must tell that my ps3 doesnt have 1 single game on its internal hdd, I dont know why there are that many duplicate game names on the list.

    My ps3 hangs in such a way that I must hold power down for 10 seconds to turn off, pads doesnt responds when it does hangs.

    Just reporting. Its a great tool, I do hope you fix those bugs.

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    deank Guest
    Duplicate games point to an issue with your options.ini file. Did you alter it?

    About 99% hanging - I can't replicate this. Every day I try and backup/transfer games from the external USB to the internal HDD and the backup completes 100%.

    During the transfer you can click the [O] button and watch the log of what is going on.


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    mad3d Guest
    I'm using just default ini file, didnt edited it. Hmm, weird issue then. Bad luck for me

    Not sure if this helps but I trasnfered and small game (3GB) and it did transfer fine, but trying to tranfer some bigger than 7GB it hangs as described.

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    deank Guest
    Something for the next version:

    I was playing today with a module to import VIDEO/AUDIO directly to the XMB sections [Video] / [Music]. In the next version I'll enable copying to the

    /ps3_home/video virtual folder.

    It means that you can transfer video files (supported by the PS3: avi/divx/mpg/mpeg/mp4...) from any USB device or directly from your network PC via NETHOST and they will appear in the XMB [Video] section.

    The last one (copy video from a network PC) is very useful


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    dholcombe Guest
    Do you copy with the progress bar on? I will try pressing [O] before the freeze and watching the log tonight to see if anything different happens. I will also report back whatever the last few lines on the log are if it fails.

    I am using PS3 fat with original 60 GB HDD, firmware 3.41 and Hermes 4b payload. I have only seen 3 reports in this thread. One on page 51, mine and the other recent one. It would be interesting to know which hardware, firmware, and payload everyone is using.

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    boob4me Guest

    Big Grin

    Deanrr....I dont know how you do it!!! constantly working on your masterpiace,And that's what it is a masterpiece!!!
    One thing that I can think of is

    -Get ahold of the team that put together Wii-flow !!! that loader rocks!! it's smooth, and well put together,and I think that If you somehow implimented some of their stuff into this... well ,...I think you know were I going with this!!! keep up the great work bud!

    and remember to take some time for yourself, it's x-mas,and you've already done alot for the scene! take a break big guy !! lol

    -Thanks again!!

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    Stormy1987 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    and you guys, if you have any suggestions, or requests let me know... thanks.
    if you plan further themes , maybe you can include something nice looking standart , which is not gamerelated. like theme number one for example

    i like it very much. thanks you both

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    condorstrike Guest
    got ya, i'll start working on 1 tonight... thanks.

    anything specific, let me know... k

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