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    markb1 Guest

    improvement sugestion

    When you use a external drive and you run multiman. Nornally it it will pick up games off the internal and external harddrives. This looks messy.

    Is it possible to adapt multiman so you can have your drive letters showing at the bootom like in fle manager and clicking on eg hddo and it will list all games on internal hardrive.

    I think mutiman is a great tool.

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    iloveyou Guest
    Hey, thanks for your help.

    I tried to move the folder with VIDEO_TS to GAMEZ and it lists the DVD... but just to look the VOBs, i could just do it over the XMB, there's no need for MultiMan... i thought it mounts the DVD in DVD Mode... like the XMB does when you insert a DVD Disc. But thanks for you answer. My problem is just the audio selection... when you play the vob, the Xmb plays the first audio line... i can't select the second... i don't know why... only in DVD mode, its possible... but just the vobs... no.

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    Stormy1987 Guest
    i had the same problem. It seems like that the PS3 can't really deal with Ripped DVD VOB files You should try multiAVCHD and ripp your DVDs into AVCHD Discs. it should work...

    but i remember i downloaded once an .iso of a DVD which had also VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder. But mutliAVCHD couldn't read it . i think it has also problems with some DVDs. Try yours and tell us if it ripped fine for you

  4. #1404
    deank Guest
    Actually, if you press [SELECT]+[L1] it will go a step back to the previous display mode (from File manager -> Slide/coverflow).

    [L1] - switches to next display mode
    [SELECT]-[L1] - switches to previous display mode.


  5. #1405
    Stormy1987 Guest
    aaah that will do the job thx

  6. #1406
    aboy014 Guest
    Thanks man , you're GREAT!

  7. #1407
    Midnight Tboy Guest
    possibly a stupid question (yet to install - going to tmw night)

    But why is the version including covers only 14mb? Yet the covers file seperate from before is around 110mb? Supposedly around the same number of covers too? Or was the larger file just not opimal compression

  8. #1408
    ModderFokker Guest
    I believe that the covers were converted to .JPG instead of .PNG

  9. #1409
    Grimfate202 Guest
    Uh oh. Just updated to the newest version and it seems Ratchet and clank a crack in time is now very buggy (crashes randomly).

    It was perfectly stable on a previous version (i forget the exact number, but i do remember the syscall option was still present in the config file.) I'm using PL3. Any ideas why this is?

    EDIT: It crashed while saving, and corrupted the save data. not my day

  10. #1410
    condorstrike Guest
    wow, 1200+ views on the theme package since the morning... makes me happy, thanks Dean.

    and you guys, if you have any suggestions, or requests let me know... thanks.

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