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  1. #1391
    deank Guest
    There is no way to install PKG files from within an application (at least I don't know of any way). The only way is via [* Install Package Files] menu in XMB.

  2. #1392
    condorstrike Guest
    Hey Dean thanks a lot...

    btw guys theme 4 has a new icon, but i forgot to take picture of, had to sleep

  3. #1393
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    Hey Dean thanks a lot...

    btw guys theme 4 has a new icon, but i forgot to take picture of, had to sleep
    I know and I like it, but for some reason (even it is included in the .pkg) the installer WILL NOT change the original ICON0.PNG.

    I explicitly tried couple of times and it didin't work, but I still included it.

    Forgot to mention that the .PKGs should be compatible with all multiMAN versions after 01.10.08 (incl) both for FW 3.15 and 3.41.

  4. #1394
    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, i tried them all and icon0 stays with what you have...

    btw Dean, are you helping the guys over at Acid CFW Project... i forgot to ask.

  5. #1395
    vinothu Guest
    Dean, I think some bug on the ftp server that comes with multiMAN. If I try to ftp file more than 6gb it fails after sometime but, the same works fine on blackb0x ftp as well Gaia manager's built-in ftp. I tried couple of times and result was the same, it fails randomly after sometime. Please check it out when you get time.

  6. #1396
    deank Guest
    There is nothing to check. Gaia uses the same FTP implementation as multiMAN (ps3's built'in ftp service, provided by the libraries).

    If you can - use the NETHOST feature in multiMAN - it will allow you to copy anything from a remote PC (on your local LAN or from a PC over the internet).

  7. #1397
    vinothu Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Thanks Dean, i will surly check NETHOST option.

  8. #1398
    Stormy1987 Guest
    is it possible to hide/skip some fullpng styles?

    i mainly use 4 - SLIDE/Coverflow style, 5 - File manager. after filemanagerbrowising i have to skip 1-3 manually. no big deal to skip it, but just wondering if it's possible to disable

  9. #1399
    iloveyou Guest
    Can someone just say me, how i can mount VIDEO_TS folder ?!

    In Filemanager, i go to dev_Usb000/Moviez/Movie/Video_TS ...and nothing is possible ?

  10. #1400
    Stormy1987 Guest
    as far as i know, you have to copy your video_TS folder in your games folder as well. than it will appear in the gameslist ( not in filemanager ). There you can mount it

    maybe some day it will be possible to play videos via filemanager. atm already mp3's can be played via filemanger. But that knows only deanrr

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