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    May 2007
    I always get too many parallel downloads form your IP address or the limit for free downloads has been reached.

    This is usually a temporary problem and can be solved by retrying the same URL at a later time or by becoming a RapidPro-user.
    Do you want to upgrade to RapidPro?

    Don't think so, i'll pass lol.

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    Anybody can tell me where I have to copy the covers for AVCHD?

    folder "BDMV"

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    Jun 2007
    One last thing, do you think you could move the covers directory to the root of the hdd?

    That way we wont lose the covers should we need to delete/re-install the package.


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    Apr 2006
    Can you please add Custom BG withOUT PIC1.PNG overlaying it?

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    Oct 2010
    I uploaded the covers to another site. Check the .txt file from the front page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Works just fine on my end with or without a disc inserted.
    Can you try "enslaved"

    (Broken bluray drive)

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    That's an excellent idea! Or, at least move it somewhere else on the HDD other than where it's designed to go now.

    Glad to see you added MU link for the covers. That RS link is slow and aggravating! It told me 35 minutes to download. Geez!

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    Do you have to have the video files in certain folders or certain file types?

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    I'm on 3.15 so it's asking to update. Any way around that?... Without updating....


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    hi dean,

    moh from psx-scene said he is collaborating with other developers to create a "unified" backup manager. drizzt is in on it. i'm just wondering if you're a part of it too. it would be great if you are.

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