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  1. #1341
    boob4me Guest
    Hey, thanks for your hard work and time!! I have one question,..How do I use these awsome theme's with your manager? they look wicked!! is there a theme file in which I have ro FTP or just with usb in ps3 ? please be as clear as possible! and thanks in advance

    EDIT: Nevermind ..read the txt. document. Sorry for wasting space and time lol

  2. #1342
    aliendlr Guest
    thanks for your reply

    ah, so even though it downloads the missing covers, it doesn't save it along with the other covers from the pack? because it's the same missing covers each time i start it.. that's why i thought something was wrong, since it downloads the same covers each time i run it

  3. #1343
    deank Guest
    If condorstrike agrees I can prepare each theme in a PKG file which users can install and it will alter multiMAN's outlook. It is like the GAME PACKAGE UPDATES and won't affect main executable or options, but only the looks.

    Did you change anything in the options file?

    If a cover is downloaded it is saved with the other covers. If downloaded successfully multiMAN won't try again - makes no sense.

  4. #1344
    halomaster Guest
    i have a game (killzone 2) that contains a file >4gb. I split the file with split4g and put it in my external hard drive. i copied the game from external to internal using the filemanager mode and attempted to play it from internal. result: black screen.

    does multiman combine the split files from filemanager mode? if not, is it possible to implement this?

  5. #1345
    boob4me Guest
    That would be very helpful and sweet!! thanks again

    - I read in the post for the theme that it was in 1080... will this work with standard definition> a/v cables?

  6. #1346
    deank Guest
    Only if you used filename.666xx option in SPLIT4G. I think I'll repost a version which has it as a default. At the moment it defaults to comgenie's filename.x.part. Probably you used it and not the 666 one.


  7. #1347
    aliendlr Guest
    that's why i asked the question in the first place

    i've tried using the options file which comes with the different versions, but no luck.. the first time i installed it without covers, but since it redownloaded every time i ran it, i installed with cover package to save some downloading each time.

    i've also tried uninstalling and installing different versions.. same thing with everyone of them.

  8. #1348
    deank Guest
    Do you actually SEE the progress bar when it is downloading it? Covers are saved under the path set in the ini. You can view the images using the File Manager.

    Either your PS3 doesn't have internet access or something is wrong at your end. I just tried again and added a missing cover for Prince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands - and my PS3 downloaded it, saved it and showed it.


  9. #1349
    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, by all means...

    thank you.

  10. #1350
    halomaster Guest
    yeah, i used the default, which was the filename.x.part one, but with the filename.x.part, will it combine the split files if i copy it from the gamelist instead of filemanager mode?

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