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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    Hi guys... new theme condorstrike3. a calming theme... i guess.

    i had actually changed the icon0 to what you see in the pics with the drops of water on it, but i still gotta work on it... please coment...

    hope you guys like it... and now to sleep, can't see straight anymore... lol
    Good work, i loved those game covers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nappis View Post
    The dim option doesn't work anymore. It only dims the button instructions not the unhighlighted game names.

    If you change dim values for examples from 5 to 2 there's no affect.
    It doesn't work for both display modes with the new font (1 and 3).

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    Good work, i loved those game covers.
    thanks, that actually came out better than i thought.

    and i really like the water drop, that took forever though...

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    deanrr okay when i put everything in the game folder (also the videos) it works. i don't see them twice anymore.

    thanks for support

    is there a way i could put the videos in a folder called video and put only games in the folder games?

    i just copied a dvd rip to my external hdd. It's shown in your manager correctly as DVD-Video.

    when i mount it and insert any DVD-R Video i see the VOB files in the XMB-Video folder. But i have no access to the menu file where i can change audio and subtitles. Also the parts are all 20 minutes.

    how can i watch it ?
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    At the moment DVD-Video discs cannot be watched as 1:1 rip (like AVCHD/Blu-ray), but only as DataDisc (files). As you know in this mode menu and subtitles are not supported.

    The best thing to do is to convert your DVD to AVCHD. You can do it in couple of minutes with multiAVCHD with no video/audio reencoding, + you'll get the subtitles and all audio tracks. Menu cannot be preserved however.


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    i create a bdvm structure (with multiavchd tomb raider sample) i load it in multi manager and then go to xmb video menu i insert orginal bluray movie (black hawk down) .in xmb menu i see (on bluray disk) name multiavchd tomb raider sample then i press x button and movie start but black hawk down. What i do wrong. sorry for my english.

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    You don't need the original disk.

    You need to create AVCHD with multiAVCHD, not Blu-ray.

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    Regarding AVCHD playback. It was working fine previously but now for some reason when I select a movie in MultiMan, exit to XMB and then select usb-avchd the screen goes black and I see the small timer in the upper right corner but video playback doesn't start.

    I'm just sent back to XMB? Am I doing something wrong? It was working fine previously and I haven't changed any of my AVCHD folders. I've been using psfMOD all this time. Third time Im asking but no replies

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    I guess I missed your previous posts. I'm sorry but I don't have a solution for you.

    Just 5mins ago I created an AVCHD structure, transferred it to the internal and currently I'm watching my favorite series.

    I didn't touch any part of the code, related to AVCHD.

    Try to press TRIANGLE and then [PLAY FROM THE BEGINNING].

    Btw I had a similar issue at some point when switching payloads, but you said it's not your case. I'd suggest to delete the AVCHD folder from your USB stick (of course it if is empty) and let multiMAN re-create it.

    Usually 'sending you back to XMB' means that the folder is NOT mounted at all.


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    Dean, Rep+. New version is excellent. This solved the game duplicate entries...

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