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  1. #1291
    Stormy1987 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Post your .ini file and also give an example how you store your AVCHD folders.

    They must be in the ROOT of your external USB HDD and INSIDE the games folder of your internal hdd.
    ok here we go. i attached a video of the .ini and the filestructure.

    the movie butterflyeffect 3 and all games are showed more than once.

    hope you or anyone else can help me

  2. #1292
    muny21 Guest
    great updates. love this manager as it keeps getting better and evolving. i was wondering since the in-manager options setting can not be implemented if you could add something like hold R2 while loading to initiate the net server.

    i only ask because the times i do not use it causes multiman to take a good 45 secs to a minute to load because it is trying to communicate with the server which is not on at the moment. this way when you want to use the server you just hold a button down while it is loading and when you dont it just loads up normally. thanks.

  3. #1293
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    I know that /dev_flash is where my PS3 FW resides, i was thinking that if i change this i will be able to use a ramdom folder of my internal hdd as a usb device. In simple words, some folder of my hdd could be mounted as a usb device.
    You can not use this options for your purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stormy1987 View Post
    the movie butterflyeffect 3 and all games are showed more than once.

    hope you or anyone else can help me
    I'm sorry but you can simply COPY AND PASTE your INI file.

  4. #1294
    n3xclusiv3z Guest
    Hey great work, can you release the newest source code?

  5. #1295
    FMAranda Guest
    Dean, i found an issue on music playback. If press the PS button when i'm listening some music the sound became louder and begins to sizzle. If you want i can record a video and put on youtube.

    Yeah, sorry, i did the basic step which is reinstall the full version and it is ok now.

  6. #1296
    Stormy1987 Guest
    okay, thought it's better that way because of the filestructur of the hdd.

    [Register or Login to view code]

  7. #1297
    deank Guest
    # Look for game backups recursively in these folders:
    # (leave blank for USB (usb_home) root (/) folder)
    # Main search folders:

    Why did touch the USB_HOME option? And why would you set it to / when the "help message" says "LEAVE BLANK".


  8. #1298
    Stormy1987 Guest
    well i tried a lot yesterday and ended up with many edited .ini's. So this was my last try i guess with the /.

    However neither the original .ini nor when i leave it blank fixes that issue. i just noticed when i press "select and r1" it will add another copy into the list.

    btw it's only showing games/videos twice which are on the usb harddrive.

    if i plug it out and only wanna see the games on hdd0 it works fine maybe that helps

  9. #1299
    vnguyen972 Guest
    I am too experiencing the similar symptom , everytime I press Select + R1, multiMan scans everything again but display everything correctly except the actual game disc in the drive, it adds one to the list everytime, so by the time I press SElect+R1 the 4th times, I have 5 items of the same disc game on the list...

  10. #1300
    xxniteeyexx Guest
    Oh and hey Deanrr that folder for "music" is now freezing multiman for me. I also tried it on my buddies slim ps3 and it did the same. Its in that folder "home something" with music, photo, video. The "music" folder is specifically what i'm talking about, when i click it hoping to see my mp3's like my photos but instead instant freeze, any suggestions homie?

    -Jared V

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