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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Strizay View Post
    no, it's always had the basic theme forever. Now it appears from the OP that it can display covers in a cover flow style.
    The cover flow mode is available for more than a month.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strizay View Post
    OK, I had a chance to try it out. It could be a lot smoother. Cover loading time is slow. It doesn't save the view you chose last as default, it goes back to the original view. The flash and beep when going from one cover to the next is very annoying. I'm going to mess around with it for a bit more.
    The beep you hear is when your PS3 tries to connect to internet and download the cover YOU DON'T have.

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    deank Guest
    Check this out... Here is how it looks with the new font:

    p.s. The paths show above the names but that was for a test only

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    michaelstone Guest
    i'm not sure how hard it would be to implement or if you even feel like doing it... but maybe sometime in future could you make it optional so when musics playing instead of wave background it would display a pic in album folder like "fanart" in xbmc? that new font looks great scrolling at bottom

    edit: DAMN the list looks even sweeter...

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    PagaN Guest
    thx deanrr.. very nice font, i'm try it now...

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    condorstrike Guest
    awesome fonts... Dean are you planning on implementing sound effects, like when changing covers or pressing buttons? i guess it would be easier for you now...

    like the clicking sound-bit from xmb... that would be sweet.

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    Strizay Guest
    so even when not connected to the internet it still beeps. So far the only real advantages of this manager for just game loading use, not considering the rest the tool does, is the size of hdd remaining, which hdd game the is on and it shows how many games ... 54 / 100.

    The size of the covers is extremely small, 260 X 300. I'd prefer viewing the cover art at a bigger resolution 852 X 639.

    I'm going to mess around with the .ini file now to see if I can make a few changes.

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    michaelstone Guest
    if you have covers it wont beep... and i don't know about the res' but i use it on 110" screen and everything looks great in 1080p...

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    Stormy1987 Guest

    I'm new to Multiman and i hope you can help me. I always see my games and AVCHD files twice in the list of multiman.

    i.g. it says [HDD Video] Butterfly Effect3 ; and under that one it says [Video] Butterfly Effect 3

    i only made multiman search for games/AVCHD under the root of my usb_dev , where all my movies are stored.

    i also use the windows avchd manager. anyone know the answer?

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    deank Guest
    Just use the default options. You probably changed the options.ini and you changed it wrongly.

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    michaelstone Guest
    ok i think i misunderstood something or i'm doing it wrong... i've installed the video editor program it asks me too in xmb... i've got a blu ray in... i go to multiman theres just a blue square where name should be... i click on it asks if i wanna copy to internal hdd but nothing happens.... i've been reading back through thread but either missed the solution or there isnt one...

    edit: oh nvm i just reread back through and dean said you cant back up blu ray discs... so then next question is how do i get blu ray folders on internal then?

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