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    Quote Originally Posted by Strizay View Post
    no, it's always had the basic theme forever. Now it appears from the OP that it can display covers in a cover flow style.
    which it has done for a long time... perhaps you never pushed the l2 button?

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    dean, is the german charset working (with , , and )?

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    really? I even asked Dean a few days ago if his manager had a cover flow style and he said it didn't. What is the directory the covers save to? I am going to give this manager a shot.

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    i couldnt tell you why he would say no... but here's the directory: /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers

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    thank you, I am going to try it right now.

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    if you click l2...there's about 5 different views i believe..

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    I did click L2, but how do I change the views?

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    oops my bad L1 sorry...

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    OK, I had a chance to try it out. It could be a lot smoother. Cover loading time is slow. It doesn't save the view you chose last as default, it goes back to the original view. The flash and beep when going from one cover to the next is very annoying. I'm going to mess around with it for a bit more.

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    you can set it to stay on view you choose in ini... i don't know what flash or beep your talking about... unless you mean it beeps when starting to dl the cover which it only does one time... once the covers dl'ed it wont beep again...


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