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  1. #1221
    deank Guest
    The idea of the test is to check for characters like



    Није обезбеђена



    Okay.. I found a way to test it (using Google translator)

    I tested "Bulgarian"/"Russian", "Spanish", "French" and "Japanese" and they work!

  2. #1222
    michaelstone Guest
    ok apparently i'm of no use... thought i could just change languages in system menu but no luck... i'll try and find some mp3's from other languages... the font looks good though...

  3. #1223
    AluPL Guest
    or Pchnąć w tę łódź jeża lub ośm skrzyń fig.

    (polish unicodes ftw) =D

  4. #1224
    deank Guest
    It doesn't show all chars for the polish... Seems central european is not working properly... It shows only

    Pchną w t łód je a lub o m skrzy fig

    some characters are there, but some not.

  5. #1225
    Richthofen Guest

    multiman game folder naming convention

    Quick question. Hopefully this hasn't been asked before. Googled, but didn't find the info.

    When I backup a game using Open Backup Manager the resulting folder name includes the Game ID (BCUS-98111):

    When I backup a game (Final Fantasy XIII) using multiMAN 10.10 the resulting folder has a name like (MRTC00003):

    Why does multiMAN use this naming convention instead of using the Game ID? What is the advantage/purpose?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question.

    PS is there a way to "trim" titles to reduce their size?

  6. #1226
    Strizay Guest
    I see you manager has cover support now. What is the resolution required and what is the storage directory for the covers?

  7. #1227
    michaelstone Guest
    its had cover support forever... not sure res... but it will dl the covers for you automatically...

  8. #1228
    Strizay Guest
    no, it's always had the basic theme forever. Now it appears from the OP that it can display covers in a cover flow style.

  9. #1229
    michaelstone Guest
    all the games ive backed up with multiman have been named properly...

  10. #1230
    drizzt84 Guest
    MRTC00003 is the GameID of Final Fantasy XIII, multiman just uses GAME Id without dashes (-) as the original PSJailbreak backup manager does.

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