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  1. #1171
    michaelstone Guest
    yes pretty much... i'd maybe put the cover more in corner so it doesnt block pic if possible but yes thats it... looks good... i'll still have a go at trying to do it the original way i thought about someday...

    thanks again for all your work... i don't even know why people bother with other "managers"... doesn't make any sense to me...

  2. #1172
    deank Guest
    I moved it a bit more to the right. Have in mind that it is animated (pulsing) and in the screenshot it is as bigger as it can get.

    Also once title names are dimmed, device list and legend for the keys will also disappear, leaving you with a clean background+title names+cover.


  3. #1173
    majokaese Guest
    Hi dean,

    could you please add sth. in file manager mode?

    It would be great to jump to standard display mode when clicking on GAMES button instead of jumping to display mode 1

  4. #1174
    deank Guest
    Yes. It will return to the covermode set in the .ini.

  5. #1175
    majokaese Guest
    Great, thank you so much

    By the way: Copy speed from USB really improved Much faster with many little files.

  6. #1176
    deank Guest
    The copy implementation in the original BM leads to great HDD fragmentation, along with great slowdowns when working with USB devices and many small files.

    I changed it couple of times and I think the last one is as fast as we can get (with zero file fragmentation). Less fragmentation = faster loading and better game-play experience.


  7. #1177
    michaelstone Guest
    that looks sweet... thanks again...

  8. #1178
    tadzio Guest
    Is there a way to select/highlight files/catalogs so the operation can be performed on more that one? Sorry if I missed it somehow but if not it would be VERY convenient. LOVE THIS TOOL!

  9. #1179
    deank Guest
    No, it is not possible atm. I have to figure out how to map the buttons for such cases.

    In the next update:

    * Cover mode 3 will show the cover if available (or COVER.PNG for AVCHD titles)
    * Clicking on [GAMES] in file manager will show the initial cover mode (set in the .ini)
    * In the picture viewer: images will slide into the screen and UP/DOWN will zoom to fit H/V
    * In file manager: when user enters a new folder, mouse pointer will go to the [..] entry
    * On inactivity in game cover modes the legend and device list will also disappear

    ... and probably some other things I can't remember at the moment.


  10. #1180
    FMAranda Guest
    Dean, multiMAN looks great, you should work for PlayStation. Be sure to subscribe on the next The Tester, haha.

    Also +Rep to you.

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