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    Registered User sparhawk110's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by walidahmadi View Post
    yeah R1, couldn't remember it correctly as it is copying.

    Now it is saying it would finish in 379 minutes. Better than before, as it was saying over 400 lolz.
    Reading through this, someone maybe already has suggested, but, really sounds to me like you have a hard drive that is just bad. The size of it is surely not the problem, I use a 750gig Western Digital and have no problems.

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    The most perfect manager ever! Thanks for this update.

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    Is it possible in future to we can edit the options.ini file from file manager?


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    Hoping for Mkv playback in the near future

    and no i don't want to convert my 2345423525234544334 movies... (could be less)

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    thanks very much man !

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    can someone PLEASE help me out with what programs i should use to try and edit source to get background the way i want?

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    You need to install ps3 sdk: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ls-109568.html

    But it's not that simple.

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    ok thanks for link... i'll have a go at it anyways... hopefully i can just find the code for the background size in the one view and edit it... and move the text at bottom to under the covershot... i don't wanna change anything drastically...

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    If mkv-support (yes, everyone knows you can just use mkv2vob to convert but it doesn't give you some things - selectable subs/24p etc) would only take an average programmer a week to implement, i suggest you crack on then

    Surely this is one of THE most wanted features (not just for JB'ed consoles - although obviously this is all that it would work with - but just in general, this is always VERY high up the list of wanted features) and always has been since they came out...I can't believe it would only take someone a week to sort out, i'm sure it must take longer than that otherwise someone would have already done it..
    Last edited by randomusername; 11-27-2010 at 12:31 PM

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    I like Split4g but why we don't on windows unsplit files so files *.6xxxx to the original files we can just split the files, its possible to have the two option ?



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