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  1. #1101
    michaelstone Guest
    can anyone suggest what programs i should be looking for to accomplish what im trying to do?

  2. #1102
    marc2590 Guest
    +1 for MKV support BUT, I completely disagree with your comment that he hasn't given us anything useful. multiMAN is the MOST useful game manager by far

  3. #1103
    michaelstone Guest
    i'm pretty sure they meant that with the "it only does everything" or something to that effect...

  4. #1104
    denazgull Guest
    Yes, i didn't find that sarcasm smiley!

  5. #1105
    gaahmad Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by randomusername View Post
    The person that figures out mkv playback is going to become a very liked man
    You realise you can just convert the file using mkv to vob convertor. It just changes the container and saves it as an .mpg file, it doesn't do any video/audio conversion, so it's really quick. Then you can just play it through the PS3's XMB.

  6. #1106
    denazgull Guest
    And let's not forget were are talking about the guy who wrote multiAVCHD, which the only thing it does (sarcasm again), is turning mkv with subs PS3 playable, while i blink my eyes...

  7. #1107
    pipox Guest
    Hi Dean,

    please upload these covers. thx

  8. #1108
    bitsbubba Guest
    all we need now is a text editor, or even hex editor.

  9. #1109
    condorstrike Guest
    Hi guys, and Deanrr: created a 1080 theme, if you like this let me know and I'll keep upgrading it... enjoy...

    and drop any sugestions...

  10. #1110
    xxniteeyexx Guest
    Freaking sweet theme dude, LOVE IT, keep em coming, Hey dean i smell a background forum coming soon lol... Love the 1080 theme quality too, also with the PNG and JPG picture viewer, looks AWESOME!!! You guys make my day, every few hours is something new to read about and fall in love with, Long Live MULTIMAN!

    On a separate note hey dean about the App/home folder, when i click on music it takes me back to the xmb, was this intended? lol and also is there ANY wany you can implement a volume control on to the file manager? When im switching games and im loading a mp3 its ALOT loader than my game was.

    Cancel that, its the ps3/home folder, When i click music it takes me to the XMB and when i click movies and photo's they work just fine, though it might just be a lil bug hehe.

    -Jared V

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