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  1. #101
    iFirre Guest
    Looking good.. But how do i fix the manager to look like that? I can only se one game in that slide mode. One pulsing game icon in the middle.. I also have seen in other picture that it should be more then one game showing up in that mode?

    And can i switch of that the game backgrounds coming sliding in?

  2. #102
    deank Guest
    Download and install the update 1.07.02 from the first page of the thread.

    To disable animation - edit the INI file.

  3. #103
    muny21 Guest
    does the full package include the latest update or do i need to download both?

  4. #104
    deank Guest
    No. That's the idea of the UPDATEs. If you already have 1.07 just download the update. If not - download both.

    The full package is 3.4MB and the update is just 500KB - that's why I'll be posting UPDATES until version change and full upload is needed.

  5. #105
    muny21 Guest
    really? did not know what UPDATE meant. thanks for clearing that up. but would not a FULL package include all updates?

  6. #106
    iFirre Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Download and install the update 1.07.02 from the first page of the thread.

    To disable animation - edit the INI file.
    I'm going to install the update now... thanks.

    Before i read your answer, i figured out that maybe the INI file was the answer, and started to look at that.. but sorry to say i dont quite understand what i have to edit. some help?

  7. #107
    deank Guest
    There is a line under "display settings"


    Change it to something else: 0, 1 or 2

    (0 - disable animation / 1 - icons only / 2 - BG only / 3 - all on)

    If you want no BG slide/animation - change it to 1.

  8. #108
    iFirre Guest
    Thanks!!! And sorry.. i totally missed that section of the INI. I read the section about display_mode, full png and whatnot.. But totally missed what was important


  9. #109
    farenheit Guest
    Yep.. same package without alterations. I've even tried a different hard drive and still the same issue.

    This is beginning to "bake my noodle!"

  10. #110
    deank Guest
    May be "multiMAN" in the spirit of the name of my other multiAVCHD tool for PCs.

    Btw I'm uploading a new game-covers.pkg (updated with 15 more covers).


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