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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by badmrfrosty View Post
    Changing hdd_home to /dev_usb071/GAMEZ and hd_home2 to /dev_hdd0/GAMES meant that games from both my usb drives were displayed, great success, but nothing from my internal drive, epic fail.

    Little help ???
    I can make it work for hdd_home2/3/4... There is a check if the path is REALLY from the internal HDD and that's why it won't accept it. I'll remove the check and it will work for you.

    That will be a bit later today with the next release with the JPG/PNG picture viewer.


    Quote Originally Posted by michaelstone View Post
    is there anyway to edit the ini so i can have game bg fullscreen but still have it like setting 3 otherwise?
    How would it look like? I can't imagine.

  2. #1062
    michaelstone Guest
    i'll PS something in a cpl mins... but basically exactly like it does now when its set to option 3... game cover in top right corner, commands downside underneath cover still, just with full game background behind it...

  3. #1063
    bp001 Guest


    Dean i am trying to get the avhd feature to work with no luck. i have downloaded a avhd movie ran it through multi avchd, put it on external hd then when i try to play it i just get a black screen.. don't know what i am doing wrong?

    please help.

  4. #1064
    michaelstone Guest
    something like this... magic wand didn't wanna play nice so its still black around commands where i meant it to have transparency...

  5. #1065
    synnu Guest
    The "scroll" function, doesn't work in file manager mode. I have, about 40 games in 1 folder on HDD Ext, and i can't view them all. Sorry 4 my ENG.

  6. #1066
    salty666 Guest
    You can scroll by pressing L2/R2 through your games.

  7. #1067
    deank Guest
    Some more changes... the next version works with JPG covers, so it weights 14MB as a full download with 825 covers (it was 119MB before)... Not to mention it works faster and main installer is smaller.

  8. #1068
    Ps3warrior Guest
    Very nice!

    This loader reminds me so much of the early days of when cfg loader was born on the wii :-)

  9. #1069
    victorgs55 Guest
    It appears that BLUS30533 (monopoly streets) is missing a cover.

  10. #1070
    deank Guest
    You can now update to 01.10.08

    * JPEG/PNG picture viewer mode in file manager

    * Picture viewer mode controls: LEFT/RIGHT or L1/R1 or [X] and [/\] / [O] to exit
    * Picture viewer: JPEG downscale to 1920x1080
    * Picture viewer: JPEG upscale of 1280x720 and 640x360 to 1920x0180
    * Picture viewer: PNG max resolution 1920x1080

    * Interface uses JPEG pictures and not PNG
    * Covers are now in JPEG format
    * Faster browsing in cover/slide mode
    * Full package with 826 covers is now 14MB (was 119MB)
    * hdd_home options will now accept USB paths, too


    p.s. Attached to first post:

    01.10.08 - Normal release (no game covers included) - 2MB
    01.10.08 - Full release (826 game covers included) - 14MB

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