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    Quote Originally Posted by lefterisk View Post
    I tryed all my games (15) and none of this works the auto launce (without exit to xba) the option.ini is by default.
    Some games just dont work with auto-launch. Also, as far as you liking the current icon, just ftp it to your comp or copy it to usb (its called ICON0.PNG) and then replace it yourself. Thats what Im going to do.

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    you can use file manager from multiman to do that.

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    Dean I noticed you have got little big planet. how did you get it to work?

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    Some new backgrounds and empty BD-cover images to place your covers in.

    Some new backgrounds and empty BD-cover images to place your covers in. Use background images only when your TV or Monitor supports 1920x1080. Select the background image you want and rename it to "PICBG.PNG".

    Then copy it to folder "dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/". And replace the existing one.

    To see the hole background image instead of your game-background-image you have to change "game_bg_overlay=" to "0", (game_bg_overlay=0) in your option.ini.

    Now you not only see the hole background image bud you also can browse/scroll a lot faster throu your games.

    And if you want you can also change "showdir=" to "0" (showdir=0), for bigger fonts. You can always press L3 to see your game dir/path if needed.

    p.s sorry for my bad English

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    TV overscan is controlled by select+L2/R2.

    Quote Originally Posted by markb1 View Post
    Dean I noticed you have got little big planet. how did you get it to work?
    Well... it just works - I didn't do anything special.

    As the name stands (multiMAN) I decided to add something else to the file manager.

    Along with playing MP3 files from local and network devices, it is now possible to view JPEG and PNG images, too.

    Once viewing a picture, user can press L1/R1 (or LEFT/RIGHT d-pad buttons) for previous/next picture or X for next picture in current folder and exit the viewer with TRIANGLE or CIRCLE.

    Also it means that you can browse your pictures from attached storage devices or network host or your PS3 XMB pictures (while listening to an mp3).

    It also means that multiMAN will display covers and other stuff for AVCHD compilations created by multiAVCHD.


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    I love your manager, great job!

    Dean can implement a function to calculate the size of the folders in the file manager?

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    Yes, I can. In one of the next releases.

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    Thank you very much, thank you for your great work.

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    How does the hdd_home paths in the ini work? Does it take them one at a time until it finds some games or does it display games it finds in any of them?

    I suspect the former

    Still trying to get multiman to display games on my 2nd hard drive, I changed hdd_home2 to /dev_usb071/GAMEZ and nothing from my 2nd usb drive was displayed.

    Changing hdd_home to /dev_usb071/GAMEZ and hd_home2 to /dev_hdd0/GAMES meant that games from both my usb drives were displayed, great success, but nothing from my internal drive, epic fail.

    Little help ???

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    is there anyway to edit the ini so i can have game bg fullscreen but still have it like setting 3 otherwise?

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