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    deank Guest
    Are you using 01.10.07?

    The patch mode is activated with [R1]. You need to press it only ONCE and you'll see a message "USB patch" in the upper right corner. If you press it again it will return you to normal mode.

  2. #1042
    NeTRaW Guest
    It's BD Video backup supported? I tried with "O", but it doesn't backup the disk.


  3. #1043
    walidahmadi Guest
    yeah R1, couldn't remember it correctly as it is copying.

    Now it is saying it would finish in 379 minutes. Better than before, as it was saying over 400 lolz.

  4. #1044
    deank Guest
    I think you'll have to enable the NETHOST feature and try to transfer it via a remote PC or to use FTP. If you test these two (FTP is easier) and it is slow as now - it means there is a problem with your USB HDD.

    No, you can't backup Blu-ray movie discs.

  5. #1045
    lefterisk Guest
    Hello Dean,

    Could you upload one missing cover for me

    Buzz - World Quiz (Greek Edition) BCES00647.PNG

    Also is it possible to add support to greek font?

    The titles in greek viewed like this -> #$^&&^*^

    Thanks again for your great manager!!!

  6. #1046
    deank Guest
    Cover uploaded. Thanks.


    About the fonts - I'm trying to implement normal FONT support. I know how bad it looks, because I'm Bulgarian and the Cyrillic looks the same way (awful).

  7. #1047
    ptrci Guest
    Deanrr , i install the new version, can you send the image of the old icon . I have a PS3 fat and not a slim. I want to change the image. Thanks.

  8. #1048
    deank Guest
    Here... I will change it in one of the next releases probably.

  9. #1049
    lefterisk Guest

    I tryed all my games (15) and none of this works the auto launce (without exit to xba) the option.ini is by default.
    what's happening??

    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Here... I will change it in one of the next releases probably.
    No!!! Please don't change it (PS3 Slim owner )

    Propose, to change (if is possible) from options.ini

  10. #1050
    ptrci Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lefterisk View Post

    Propose, to change (if is possible) from options.ini
    I think is not possible. The file is use only by the app.

    Quote Originally Posted by ptrci View Post
    In my multiman sometimes show my backups games. twice and sometimes four times.

    What can I do to show only once. In the settings I have to go get the ackups games form USB in "/dev_hdd0/game/ "and is, the default usb folder for my backups games.
    I've already discovered the source of the problem, there is no bug in the application, but duplicate definitions in the configuration file. My backups always appeared twice, because my file is defined as:

    # These folders to backup games:
    usb_dir = dev_hdd0/GAME

    Secondary # search folders:
    usb_home2 = / dev_hdd0/GAME

    always saw double, and never noticed this error, after having commented line in the secondary research. no longer displayed twice. And this is the problem that happens with most users, with defined paths.
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    You have an option in the .ini to set the covers dir. It can be anywhere, just like you suggested.
    Dosen't work, because I checked the options file by L2, the definition # Directory to store covers
    covers_dir = / is always defined by HDD. There is no secondary research.

    Whenever I change, are always set to HDD

    try it now point to the variables of the file eg covers_dir=usb_home

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