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    deank Guest
    The last source code released is in the first post (01.07.00). It is not so easy to change it to search for 999 usb devices. I will look at it when I have time.

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    majokaese Guest
    Originally Posted by majokaese
    Hi deanrr, first of all thanks for your great manager

    Could you please add something? Some games have very much files (e.g. Guitar Hero series or Burnout Paradise) and multiMAN counts them before it starts to copy the files. This takes very much time (I aborted after 15 minutes)

    Would it be possible to e.g. abort the counting progress after 1 oder 2 minutes? This would be great

    Sorry for my English
    Without the check there will be no progress bar, because there is no way to find the actual size of the folder to be copied. But I'll see about it. It shouldn't take so much time (10-15mins). Even with 2000 files it takes about a minute from external usb hdd.
    I tried again with Guitar Hero World Tour (multiMAN v1.10.04). It has about 13.000 Files and is 7.10 GB big. After 40 minutes I wanted to abort the counting progress... the PS3 freezed I could only turn it off by pressing the power button.

    Maybe there's something wrong in the multiMAN's RAM management...

  3. #1013
    deank Guest
    I added check for over 2500 files. It will be available in the next version later today, along with /ps3_home folder.

  4. #1014
    majokaese Guest
    Great, thank you

    But what will happen, if you want to copy more than 2500 files?

  5. #1015
    Wonderkik Guest
    I suppose the check will repeat itself every 2500 Files?

  6. #1016
    deank Guest
    You misunderstood... Before each copy, multiMAN needs to know the total size of the content - that's why it scans. With many files it takes time, so here is what I did:

    If checking a folder from USB device, multiMAN will stop checking after 30 seconds (or 4000 files) and will proceed with normal copy, without displaying the actual progress, because there is no way to know how many total bytes need to be transferred.

    Just like the original backup manager - you'll have to wait until it finishes.

    So in the worst case it will take up to 30 seconds for copy to start.

    Don't worry - all files will be copied

    Also a new option in the .ini


    Sets value in seconds of time to pass before dimming the title names. Setting 0 will not dim the tittle names.

    You can now update to 01.10.06. First post also updated.

    [Register or Login to view code]


  7. #1017
    condorstrike Guest
    Dude you're kicking butt with Multiman, so many features...

    more than Sony pretty soon... you rock.

  8. #1018
    majokaese Guest
    Great dean, thank you so much

  9. #1019
    FMAranda Guest
    This manager is the best. Dean, congratulations, you do a very good job.

  10. #1020
    deank Guest
    I just added the 'inactivity' option to the file manager, too... It will activate after 6 * dim_titles seconds (with 5sec default it means after 30 seconds). So now you get a nice blue sliding background after half min of inactivity.

    My plasma TV started to burn-in multiMAN menus, and I really needed this option.

    Also MP3 files up to 52 mins (160kbps) or 26min (320kbps) now should work (like album mp3s) (48MB max), and there is [now playing] info in the [l2] setup screen. I'll have to find a better place to display it in the next version.

    But that's for the next update.


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