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    michalss Guest

    Auto MOD Tool for PS3 EBOOTs and Auto PSN Game Creator

    Update: Here are some updates to my Auto MOD Tool for PS3 EBOOTs and Auto PSN Game Creator: Auto MOD Tool v0.3.2, Auto MOD Tool v0.4.8, Auto MOD Tool v0.9.1 RC1, Auto MOD Tool v0.9.5 RC2 and a video of it is below now.

    Since everyone is doing modifications on PS3 EBOOT ELF files I have released a simple Auto MOD Tool and Auto PSN Game Creator application which will do the editing, creating, and signing part for you.

    Download: Auto MOD Tool / Auto PSN Game Creator v0.2.1

    I have no time to write proper tutorial so just quicky:


    1. Get your DECRYPTED EBOOT.BIN (tut HERE)
    2. Put game ID to game ID field
    3. Browse for needed files (there is no check so be sure u selected all)
    4. Slect the Game folder and disk drive (8 chars only, hdd0 it should be)
    5. Select the FW version
    6. Click on EXECUTE
    7. Watch how all it is done for you

    Note: Path to game in the PS3 it is always: "dev_[selected drive]/[folderGameName]/USRDIR"

    Future Features:
    • fix some bugs we gonna find
    • complete procedure

    Please test it as I never did it properly and post feedback!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SexyVampiire Guest
    First! Great release, Now if only we could get a working device for decrypting eboots!

    Every time I have tried to decrypt an eboot it has failed unfortunately ><

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    Krachwas Guest
    Great work from you. I think this is very helpful for us.

    Just a simple question, an eboot.bin is a self file right? On your labels you wrote "EBOOT.BIN / ELF" and the window title is titled as "Elf Auto Modifier"


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    privatus Guest
    My Security Suite detected a Trojan within the file psn_package_npdrm.exe (Win32.PePatch.dk)

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    barbnjason Guest
    Bugreport: Can't change the window size and on my netbook so I can't see the bottom half of the program to start the process.

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    Mbb Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by privatus View Post
    My Security Suite detected a Trojan within the file psn_package_npdrm.exe (Win32.PePatch.dk)
    Could be a false-positive, what I think it is, btw nice app!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Although i don't mind doing this process manually this will make it SUPER EASY for all the n00bs. Very nice app, testing it now!

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    Toastie666 Guest
    I'm trying to do Everybody's golf, I can't find the trophy folder, as far as i'm aware not all games have trophies? Pls help!

    Or if anyone has any ideas or a solution, pls post!!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    If the game doesn't have trophy directory just use one from a game that does have trophy directory. Should be a quick fix for now.

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    Kingtut18 Guest
    for the game folder name do I type in /BCUSXXXXX/ with the slashes or without?

    I Keep getting a popup saying "You have to select the name first and it must have exact 8 characters!"

    even though I have the Game ID (which is 9 characters), selected the elf, trophy dir, param.sfo, and icon0.png, for the elf/bin hex mod I have hdd0 selected and game folder as: /BCUSXXXXX/

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