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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiefsouth View Post
    Quick question: When editing eboot.elf in the dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME to dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME, do I need to change dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0 everywhere it occurs in the .ELF file?
    unless it states a directory or folder inside the path that the game resides, I don't usually touch it.

    The only problem I'm having is with Nier. There are no path strings in the eboot.bin file at all, but I'd like to have it installed in /dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/NIERRE. How would I go about doing that (is this even possible?)

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    Hi Michalss,

    Will you add back in USB Support please.

    Thanks NSCXP2005

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    Can this tool be used to stealth a backup manager (like gaia)? I'd like to stealth mine with psn demos every once in a while

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    reserecting this thread does these even work with today's games, or has sony made it impossible for us..

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    I can't say I've seen people use this lately, usually the recent games that are playable are done using the settings within multiMAN or one of the EBOOT Mod fixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michalss View Post
    Since everyone is doing modifications on PS3 EBOOT ELF files I have released a simple Auto MOD Tool and Auto PSN Game Creator application which will do the editing, creating, and signing part for you.
    I try to take a look later on.

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