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    cfwprophet Guest
    This have nothing to do with the app its the eboot. A lot of games using TOC lists for here files. Normally it shouldn't give troubles for booting a game but some times if the games is coded to read the TOC and not only search for files you will be screwed. Cause the offset of a disk and the offset of the game on your hdd is not the same.

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    michalss Guest
    Hi mate, you look as clever member to me. I would like to ask for some help here, can you please send me tutorial how to this ppl made some new game works and i will try to implement this procedure into my aplication. Thx

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ebootīs also have a fw signing in the SCE header at 0x81 and 0x83. I'm guess even if you change the param.sfo and edit the eboot to being able to find the game on internal hdd, this still can be a block in case the system reads fw version of eboot and it is 3.55 but your trying to run it from a 3.41.

  4. #244
    michalss Guest
    My latest version of tool you can mod the SFO file dorectly from it. SO we can try this out.

    Problem is game folder length. There should be some explanation for it, which i dont even know yet

  5. #245
    promiseaik Guest


    guy do you copy the USRDIR only (or do you need to copy everything in the game folder) to the internal hdd. cause that what i did and my ff13 work fine then certain stage where it goes into a blank screen and struck.

  6. #246
    antalpromille Guest
    i have some ideeīs. i noticed BD2HDD (i know it is not your) works a little better, and i think itīs becous how it search the .ELF. i belive your application can work better if using different search-words like "bdvd" "ps3_game" "dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/" ".b.d.v.d." "P.S.3._.G.A.M.E." and so on.

    and maybe you should allow us to use custom foldername (instead of XXXXYYYYY), this actualy helps game that needs to install data and changes have to be made to folder, .conf and in param.sfo. works almost like the fix by installing demo and change its content.

  7. #247
    michalss Guest
    There not need to be any instruction:

    But just some tips:
    - if gamedoes not have TROPDIR then simple create epty folder
    - gameID is not the same as Game Folder name !!!

    Release history

    0.9.5 RC2
    - added ftp creation of folder (very beta)
    - fix some bugs
    - made it look better
    - remove ugly status and proggress,
    - add SFO editing (user can actually mod SFO)
    - remove select the bin EBOOT.
    - add auto select all needed files

    0.9.1 RC1
    - replace some tools with new ones
    - add set variable HOME
    - clean the code a bit
    - add button to clear data in work dir

    0.4.8 beta
    - add auto decrypt of eboot.bin
    - fix wrong paths
    - add save selection files
    - remove usb option

    - many bugs



  8. #248
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    well tested it still no luck, having a message pop out "The install game is corrupted. The game will close. You must delete the installed game and then reinstall it to play this game."

    at least it successfully make pkg and such... well i try ^^

    the one i'm testing is Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater (NPJB00047)... and definitely will not work also with my tekken 6 (BLJS10067) (cause i have a feeling it would...)

  9. #249
    michalss Guest
    still waiting for some help from users who was working on manuall fix of eboots. And then after i will better understand that i will make updates.

  10. #250
    afly Guest
    Hey michalss,

    Any chance of pinching the src on this? I've been working on a fully automated packager but yours is cleverer in that it packages the essentials only. I'm packaging the entire application currently and quickly hitting > 4gb issues.

    Reply and we'll see if we get more stuff working on this.

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